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Mortgage deposit and sale of property

Mortgage Deposit And Sale Of Property

Now a days it has become very affordable for first timers to buy property.But it is observed that they are often failing in this attempt.They are not successful to buy a property and to get their foot on the property ladder.This is because first time buyers find it difficult to find deposit for the mortgage.Eventhough they can manage monthly mortgage repayments,they struggle to find deposit for the mortgage.Currently the deposit required for the mortgage is 20% to 35% of the cost of the property.That is to say ,to buy a property worth 100,000 they have to fetch a deposit of at least 25000. Of course ,this would take many years of their saving. Many of those who wish to own a property cannot collect such a huge amount.More over, they have to continue to pay monthly rent also for the house which is almost equivalent to the monthly mortgage repayments.This is a very frustrating situation for the first time buyers.In this context there are huge waiting lists to get into council property which typically comes with lower monthly rent.

House prices have come down steeply due to recession.First time buyers on an average would have to pay out 133,700.The fact that a deposit for this mortgage is around 29,400 is truly alarming. In the past, parents used to help children to buy their first property.But now recession is round the corner and they are financially pressed.They themselves are in the fear of losing their jobs. And they too have the burden of their own mortgage repayments.So such a help is not available for first time buyers.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders has informed that the number of first time buyers has dropped to the lowest ever since 2008. The first time buyers are frustrated on the fact that eventhough prices of houses are lower now, they cannot own a home due to the huge deposits required for mortgage.

Those who have to sell property are also a worried lot. They come to know that the first time buyers are held back only by the huge deposit.There are various situations when they want to sell their property immediately.For instance,they may wish to downsize their property or wish to upgrade to a larger property.For this they ould have to raise money in a short priod

Those who urgently want to to sell their property to raise equity with a wish to downsize or upgrade to a larger property are also put in a difficult situation like that faced by first time buyers.

In this circumstance,you are compelled to look into alternative methods of finding a home buyer.When you are urgently in need of selling your property, you may look for a company offering fast cash in a matter of weeks.You can also choose to put your offer of sale online and get an answer within twenty four hours in stead of waiting for months.This is a suitable solution to avoid the delay in selling your property.However you should weigh up all pros and cons before rushing into a sale.

Promoting your company with led keychain lights

Promoting Your Company With Led Keychain Lights

Promoting your company comes in many forms, but by far one of the most effective methods to do this is with promotional items. We have all received promotional products. Perhaps it is a free coffee cup for opening an account, a pen for buying a certain item, or even a shirt that you won at a golf tournament sponsored by the company, whose name is on your shirt. While we may think of it as a nice gift, companies see it as much more. With a promotional gift, you are giving the customer something, but they are also giving you something; advertising. For example, if you give a customer a shirt with your company name and logo on it, then whenever they wear it they are advertising your company. If they wear it for 10 years, once a month, that is 120 times you are advertised to potentially thousands of people. Not bad for something that only cost you 20 dollars to make.

The trick is figuring out what you want to promote yourself with, and while you can do one of the three methods already mentioned, a good tip is to promote yourself with a LED keychain light. The thing with LED keychain lights is that they are a promotional gift that are extremely functional for your clients. One of the most useful things we have, but something we take for granted unless we don’t have it, is light. We need light at night to see, and if we don’t have it, we are often found grabbing our toes because we stubbed them. Instead of having your customers cursing, you can have them thanking you because you gave them something to bring light to their dark world.

A LED keychain light can be incredibly small. Often no bigger than your fingernail, and sometimes even smaller. They can easily fit into something like a keychain and provide enough light to see that your customer will think they are holding a large flashlight. Finding a LED keychain light is not that hard either. You can choose to have a light that turns on with a click or with a turn of the light, and you can choose from several colors including red, green, blue and yellow. That way, you get exactly what you want and your customers get something that will be very useful to them.

With a LED keychain light, you give your customers something that they can use on a regular basis for as much as ten years or more, and they give you advertising whenever someone asks them where they got that keychain light. In addition, whenever they look at the keychain they will be reminded of your company, and that creates brand awareness and loyalty. Not too bad for something that cost you next to nothing. It is a gift that just keeps on giving for both you and your customers.

Make money – work at home – forget the rat race

Make Money – Work At Home – Forget The Rat Race

A home business can make you money and there are millions of people the world over who can testify to this.

Often when I write an article about working from home I get hit by emails and correspondence that state that there are many failures and that it is impossible to make serious money from a home business.

My answer to this is that the failure rate for home businesses are the same or even lower than people who choose to start a traditional business primarily because overheads are significantly lower. It is a fact that many people who start in business for the first time do end up losing all their money but who ever said that this was not the case?

Yes, you will also hear stories about people who started a home business and now shop in the budget discount stores but there are many out there who are enjoying escaping the rat race and living a great life.

On the flip side I can also tell you horror stories about business owners who ended up in bankruptcy paying exorbitant rents and rates for large premises, big cars and huge numbers of staff. Many of them are also now shopping in budget discount stores.

Small business owners the world over often feel like they are in a prison cell unable to escape the daily grind of making ends meet. The main reason for this is usually down to the costs associated with their high street business premises. They probably spend half of their time and profits just covering the cost of their place of work!

Many entrepreneurs waste a couple of hours a day traveling to and from their business premises stuck in traffic jams, looking for parking and getting angry and irritated at the same time. They face high fuel bills, traffic fumes, police with speed cameras, traffic wardens and end up eating unhealthy food bought at an exorbitant price at fast food outlets!

Somebody working from home might be limiting their chances of becoming fabulously wealthy but with lower overheads, less time spent stuck in traffic jams, more quality time with the family and total freedom to work the hours they choose… who needs all that money anyway?

It is a foolish person indeed who does not seriously evaluate how they too could possibly escape the rat race! I guess this statement is slightly unfair because there are many people who enjoy running their business and would never dream of working from home but for many who are unhappy with their current lifestyle it is a choice that they should not overlook.

So if you are thinking of starting a home business what is the best way to go about it? Research, market analysis, careful planning, respect for other members of the household and a lot of hard work are required in the initial stages. Running any type of business is not for the feint hearted and involves a lot of sheer effort, blood, sweat and tears. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a fool.

You will also need the ability to work unsupervised and being at home, there are many distractions including the television, the garden, your comfortable bed and hopefully the well stocked fridge!

Do not ignore the doom and gloom merchants who say it cannot be done but do pay heed to the reasons they give. Most likely it is because they failed to succeed at home or they know someone else who failed. It is possible to learn a lot from reading and understanding other people’s war stories.

If you are successful in setting up a home business and you do start making serious money then you can have a private chuckle at all the people who said it could not be done.

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