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Need fast cash

Need Fast Cash? Don't Be Fooled

For people who need money quickly, payday loans are a great option. Some money lenders, however, may do shady business. For loan lenders online or in person, you want to be responsible with your money. A bad economy has helped the online loan industry. Low-quality lenders used that as a way to increase business. If you’re considering a cash loan, the key is to work with a lender who values transparency. If you’re not sure what your obligations are, your lender may not be completely open. Also, you should know what choices you have. You should know your responsibilities before anything is finalized. Unknown fees can really leave you in a bad situation. Honesty and responsibility are necessary traits that any lender should exhibit. As online lenders increase, safety is also a top priority. You should only do business with lenders that have a safe website. Hackers target unsecured sites frequently, so you want to know your money and personal information is safe. A record of fair lending practices is an important characteristic of a lender. People who frequently abuse the loan system are not the best example of customers. Misuse negatively affects the borrower and the lender. Falling into debt or damaging your credit history is certainly not the best outcome. Keep in mind that big promises could very easily be fool’s gold. In most cases experience and good judgment are better than promises. Just as online is a great place to find lenders it is a helpful resource to do your homework on payday loan lenders. There are many articles and forums that analyze the policies and practices of lending sites. Finding out what customers have to say may be the best judge of a lender. Good lenders are open to you if you look for them.

Revised-real estate investment partners

Revised-Real Estate Investment Partners

For real estate investors, having a partner can be very profitable. It really is a “legal relationship between two or maybe more persons associated by contract.” who do business jointly.

There are many uses for partnerships in real estate business. Taking on a partner not only brings more money, and makes you bolder to invest, but also splits the risks should something go wrong. It’s kind of softens the blow. It also splits the payout, but, that is fair enough, for the added benefits accrued. Possessing one set of qualifications, makes you the one to tie up with person/s having another set of qualifications in the business. If you have the money, but not the time and knowledge, there are partners/investors who have these, but not the needed money!

If you have found a suitable property that would sell well on a lease basis, but the sellers cant sell that way (they must have quick money from the sale)so you would have to shell out money or go for a mortgage for it to work for them. If you cant raise or don’t have, then partner-up with someone having the cash. Half a profit is better than nothing.

Sometimes, one may have money, but have no tome to look for or take care of a property, and yet wants to invest. Here the investor with the funds will be required to pay (with reasonable interest) or acquire the homes mortgage. Both partners square off the payment of mortgage with the rental income got from the house. If the tenant or buyer exercises his option, all gains are divided or re-invested into the company.

Partnerships are not rigid and can work in any way, if a partner so desires.

Choose a partner well. A lot of good friends have ended over misunderstandings in business. A real friend shouldn’t be lost over money disputes. When the money is yours, you should pick someone who is aggressive, a good record keeper, worthy of trust and with experience. If the property falls to your management, then you’ll want someone who has the money, is fair, honest and willing to have confidence in you doing your part.

Legalize all partnerships. The working of the partnership, should be understood, worded out and signed before any business transactions take effect. Scrutinize your plans together; ask what partnerships goals you want to accomplish. What if so and so goes wrong? Be prepared for all eventualities. Ensure all your solutions and options are taken care of before hand. Suppose if you must take a tenant to the law. Which partners does the representation?

Companies with limited liabilities are good for partnerships. They have attorneys, who work out the agreement of operations. All partners should review this. When all alterations or corrections are made, then each one keeps a copy, after signing them.

Take an attorney’s advice upon going for a partnership. Lack of communication and weak paperwork is the reason why partnerships sometimes flounder. Misunderstandings eventually ruin good partnerships.

To be successful many businessmen have multiple partners. Partnerships bring together more energy and with more energy you can do more than you can do by yourself. So go ahead and enjoy all the benefits in real estate investment?

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New zealand upstream oil & gas fiscal regime: 2010-aarkstore enterprise

New Zealand Upstream Oil & Gas Fiscal Regime: 2010-Aarkstore Enterprise


GlobalData’s New Zealand upstream oil and gas fiscal regime report is an essential source for information related to the upstream fiscal system enacted in New Zealand’s oil and gas industry. This report contains information related to various types of payments that are to be made by any oil and gas producing company to the host government. The report provides the most recent laws and tax policies in the country. Each fiscal report is supported by a fully editable and interactive Excel model, where all the fiscal terms are applied on a hypothetical base asset. This interactive Excel model, with the latest fiscal term information, is the most appropriate tool to evaluate the profitability of operating oil and gas fields under the country’s fiscal environment.


– The report provides detailed information on governing laws, licensing authorities, type of contracts and licensing information in country’s upstream oil and gas industry.
– The report provides information on the latest fiscal terms applicable in the country’s upstream industry. These range from exploration obligations, relinquishments to royalties and taxes.
– Deductions, depreciation and amortization related information is also covered in the report.
– Covers sample cash flows and the methodology to apply a fiscal system on an oil and gas field in the country.
– Base asset valuation with government take, contractor take, gross revenue split is provided in the report.
– Sample asset NPV sensitivities to discount rates are also provided in the report.
– Interactive Excel models can be used to derive valuations, sensitivities and cash flows based on the custom inputs by the user in the model. These custom inputs vary from field production data, cost information, price information and fiscal terms information.

Reasons to buy

– The report provides a detailed scenario of upstream oil and gas laws and their impact on the cash flows.
– The report will allow you to value a prospective investment target through a comprehensive and real-time fiscal analysis and focused methodologies.
– The report with interactive model will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner
– Decide on market entry strategies in specific markets and understand the impact a country’s fiscal policies on your future assets.

For more information please visit:


Aarkstore Enterprise
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Email :
Website :

Make money with your files

Make money with your files

Earn money while uploading and sharing your files with your friends. Our affiliate program is open for every registered member in our site. We have a flexible rate for each of your files:

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Pita krunch story: from war-ravaged lebanon to a supermarket near you

Pita Krunch Story: From War-Ravaged Lebanon to a Supermarket Near You

Beirut, 1970. Ray was born just in time to come of age in one of the bloodiest and most turbulent times in modern Lebanese history. He describes what life was like growing up in a city filled with constant political and military tension: “We had some rough times back then. There seemed to be conflicts every single day. We used to walk to high school while there was war going on around us. We took classes while there was fighting going on outside; you had no other choice but to do that. You came home and spent most of your time in a bunker studying by candlelight. It was the same story just about every day.”

After his father, then Lebanon’s Minister of Media, was assassinated in 1984, Ray’s mother decided that he and his brother Chawki needed to get out of the country. When we came here we had nothing but a plane ticket. We had no money or anything, so we are proud of what we accomplished since then. It’s not like we came here and had it handed to us. No, we had to work for everything we have.”

And they worked hard. While attending college part-time, the Houmani brothers put in long hours each day, six days a week. The Ohio entrepreneurial pair started a restaurant while pursuing both the food business and their engineering degrees in the early 1990’s, but eventually decided to focus their time and energy on Mediterranean Inc. alone. (Ray’s enjoyment of engineering remains undimmed; his favorite part of the business is running the machines that have always fascinated him.) Today, the company makes and distributes an assortment of foods inspired and complemented by their Lebanese roots, such as hummus, salsas, cheese dips and salads under various trademarks. They have also created 16 flavors of pita chips under the Pita Krunch brand. Aside from good marketing, Ray’s focus remains upon children; the kids who enjoy his snacks today live in sharp contrast his own childhood in decimated Lebanon.

Despite the company’s success, Ray regrets that he didn’t pursue the opportunity to take Mediterranean Inc. and Pita Krunch national a few years ago when he was given the chance. Now there are quite a few more competitors providing pita chips to wider market. But Ray is not one to wallow, and Pita Krunch is doing quite well. It enjoys over $1 million in annual revenue, and sells at the healthy rate of 30,000 boxes a month. What is next for Mediterranean Inc.? “We want to take things step-by-step, stay wise and do it the right way.”

Here is entrepreneurism bred from practical experience. When, in the near future, you hear about Mediterranian Inc.’s products on the national market, think about all that went into that healthy bag of Pita Krunch. Ray offers firm advice to anyone facing a similar situation as an immigrant coming to the United States, “You have to be tough. You have to be smart, and you have to take advantage of opportunities.”


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