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Parul arts manufactures of rubber stamps / banner/ presentable items

Parul Arts Manufactures of Rubber Stamps / Banner/ presentable Items

Myquest: – Whether you are looking for a personal address rubber stamp for use at home or a high volume stamper for your office, we have it here at Parul Arts.

 Parul Art is a Rubber Stamp Dealer measurement the solution of all types Stamps. Here you can buy stamps sitting at your desk. A wide array of stamps to choose from which could be either from our ready made stamps or you can design your own stamp and have it delivered to your door step Parul Arts offer you can customize from a range of Round, Square and Rectangular stamps. Parul Arts a Self Manufactured Rubber Stamp We Deal in Pre –ink ( Dura), Poly Comp, Stamp Shiny, Colop, Turbo, Bank Dater pen Stamp, Pocket & Pancil Cap Stamp. We charge a Region able Prices to our loyal customers. One feature that sets us apart from the competition is our unique custom made rubber stamp.

 We offer a large choice of rubber stampsand accessories suitable for any application.  We have self manufacture of Solvent Banner Digital , vinyl Board Brass, S. S Plates, & Plastic Plates, Acyl, Boxes, Folders, We have Dealing in presentable items in Events like Trophy, Medals & Other items like ( Halo Letters, I- Card, Lapel Pins). We manufacture common & Brass seal for Commercial uses . Parul Arts Corporate Dealers for Rubber Stamp also Offers Seal for companies,


As A Result Of Our Loyal Customers And Dedicated Services, We ( Parul Arts) Has Continued To Grow And Expand Our Exemplary Services And Consistently In Delivering Quality Services Have Enabled Us To Build A Large Clientele Across In Noida. The Quality Services Offered By Us Help In Meeting The Expectations Of The Clients And Rendering Them.

Consider about the Stamp Freely to E- mail

Contact Person Arvind jain

Poor pump maintenance

Poor Pump Maintenance

Many companies ignore their pumps until they fail. And when they do fail, the main concern is how to get them up and running – fast. That’s why it’s so important to ask proactive questions like:

How long are pumps supposed to last?
How can a pump reach its best efficiency point?
How can I prevent a pump from failing again?
What is the proper way to repair a pump?

Answering these questions can save thousands of dollars a year – maybe even a month. In short, effective pump maintenance will ensure your pumps never leave you high and dry.

The first task in repairing pumps is to note the condition of each component when disassembling the pump. Proper and complete records are one of the most commonly overlooked procedures necessary for maintaining good pump repair.

Also often overlooked is the need to keep the surrounding environment clean when reassembling a pump. Bearing contamination introduced during the pump rebuild will shorten the life of the seals, the lubricant and will lead to bearing damage and bearing failure. During a rebuild, measuring the bearings seats’ diameters on the shaft and the housing with a micrometer, rather than callipers, is also advised, as improper sizes are a common cause of pump bearing failures.

Ensuring that the shaft is straight is also important. The proper way to do this is to set the bearing seats on the shaft on V blocks. Then, using a dial indicator at several points on the shaft, you can determine if the shaft is bent.

When reassembling the pump bearings be sure the snap ring on the held bearing does not cover any bearing lubrication groove. Also note that the word ‘top’ in the casting is reassembled on the top to ensure that the bearing is not deprived of lubrication and that the labyrinth seal drain slot is down.

After both the motor and pump are reattached to the bedplate (base plate) and before connecting their shafts, ensure that the two shafts are aligned. This can be done with either laser aligning equipment or with a pair of dial indicators and magnetic bases. While some feel that a straight edge will suffice when checking the alignment, this isn’t advisable because a straight edge cannot detect less than 0.01”.  With your reassembly completed, be sure that all bolts are tightened to the proper torque values and your pump is ready for service!

To keep your newly maintained pumps working at peak levels, be sure to maintain proper bearing lubrication:

       If grease is used to lubricate the bearings, use either a sodium or lithium based grease with an NLGI rating of 2. If temperatures are greater than 200°F, choose a rating of 3.

        Bearing grease re-lubrication intervals should be once every 3 months, under normal operating conditions. If the temperature exceeds 200°F, the intervals should be more frequent.

When it comes to ensuring your pumps run longer and more efficiently, think high quality bearings that need less bearing maintenance and increase productivity. Think training and technical service support. Think NSK.

Raymond weil watches and the steve nash advertising campaign

Raymond Weil Watches and the Steve Nash Advertising Campaign

Do you know who Steve Nash is? Just in case you don’t, he is an NBA player for the Phoenix Suns. He has been announced as the latest ambassador of the Raymond Weil watch brand. You will find Steve Nash in the second ad campaign for the Raymond Weil watches. These watches are popular with a lot of people and seeing a famous NBA player in the campaign will help these watches sell.

Steve Nash will be appearing in the second ad campaign with sports commentator Ahmad Rashad. Raymond Weil has agreed to give $60,000 to the Steve Nash Foundation for his help in their ad campaign. Having someone who is famous always helps companies sell their products but with the Raymond Weil watches there have only been a select few people that have been signed for their ad campaigns.

Consequently, next time you see Steve Nash when he is not playing as an NBA player, watch to see if he is wearing one of these famous watches. at this time, you need to know more about the watches themselves and why they are becoming popular with so many different people.

People don’t just buy watches because of the famous people that they see on ad campaigns. Now, it is a good idea for Raymond Weil to have Steve Nash in his campaign because this will definitely help people remember their watches but this is not going to be the only reason that people buy. Thus, here are some things about the watches themselves that will help you decide if this is the right type of watch for you.

The Raymond Weil watches are designed for men and women. There are different designs and styles available. The men and women’s watches are known for their superior craftsmanship. Each watch is a little bit different in style and design but they are all beautifully made and crafted.

Before you make a decision about Raymond Weil watches you need to take the time to do your research on them. Go online and look up Steve Nash and Raymond Weil to start your search and then look at the different watches available. Remember that these watches are not for everyone but when you want a watch that will last and that has a unique design and style then these watches could be just what you have been looking for. So, start your research now to help you decide.

Real estate investing for beginners

Real Estate Investing For Beginners

One thing many people will tell you is that investing in real estate is always a good idea. In some ways investing in real estate can be a good idea, but if the economy is not doing well or the housing market is down, investing in real estate can be a drain on your bank account. If you are interested in learning more, here are some tips on real estate
investing for beginners.

1. Start small. If you do not own your own home yet, start there. If you do own your own home, consider purchasing another one and then selling it. Don’t try to buy multiple properties at once, especially if you are just starting out.

2. Start in your local area. Even though the property a few cities away might be cheaper, it is better to start in an area that you know well and where you are well known and trusted. People are more likely to buy from someone they know if he is just starting out. Build your reputation before expanding to other towns or states. This is something that many people well versed in investing for beginners insist is important.

3. Educate yourself. Interview local real estate agents and mortgage brokers. Start building relationships within your local real estate industry. These relationships will be very beneficial as you learn more about investing in real estate and selling it for a profit.

When you first start thinking about real estate investing for beginners, it is easy to get overwhelmed. It is important to take things slowly and build your investment portfolio a little bit at a time. One of the biggest mistakes beginning investors make is trying to do too much to fast. Build slowly and steadily, and you could turn yourself into a mogul!

Making money in web opportunity

Making Money in Web Opportunity

On present-day’s market, anyone should increase their personal money inflow in order not feel the crunch from the global crisis. Fortunately, individuals can rely on one thing that will give them just a little relief from monetary scarcity and this can be by means of the aid on the web. The web has been giving anyone selection of techniques in producing money in on the web chances. Here are a few of the most common choices.

1. Affiliate Promoting. Because not every person is lucky adequate to promote our very own products on the web, why not market other people’s solutions. Do affiliate advertising and also you do this by recommending other people’s goods by means of your internet site. When an individual clicks for the link that connects you towards the websites with the items, you generate a commission that quick. Your profits could possibly be from 5% to 30% with the merchandise per sale or per click depending on your affiliation using the organizations.

Each cent you generate in affiliate promoting can become your greatest revenue in the future. New and less costly products contribute little component to your profits may be your existence saving things in the future since these seemingly invaluable solutions can be bought in wholesale, can undergo innovations to generate them more valuable and turn out to be much more in demand than higher priced objects. Just make sure what you promote are correctly regulated and passed government’s quality board.

2. Selling Merchandise Details. Should you don’t have products to generate and promote then you definitely can acquire the rights to resell Private Label Rights (PLR) goods. You are able to generate ads by writing an e-book, creating an audio or video of other people’s goods, or even a course teaching men and women on the web that at some point promotes goods of other people. Or in case you wish to have 100% of the revenue, you generate your individual service, then generate your very own form of information and post it to the net. Producing cash in online advertisement is one of the fastest methods in earning enterprise via impressive and appealing promotions.

three. Freelance work. You can find a lot of web sites that could present you many freelance possibilities. There is freelance writing such as blogging and producing internet content articles. For those who have the technical expertise it is possible to produce internet page designs. You’ll be able to have your very own time and convenience doing the work at home and yet not tied up to 1 task. You are able to do freelance online work in the course of your holiday, weekends or even following school or function.

4. Auctions. On the web auctions are never-ending possibilities that present folks more affordable and impressive products. When men and women want some thing to invest in, they just run to their computers, connect towards the web and search using internet sites this kind of as Amazon or eBay. If you are one of many individuals who do on the internet auctions in these websites then you are around the proper track into earning lots of cash. Auctioning is getting people’s items and auctions them for that most convenient price tag. Some folks also search for other people’s goods and provide their services to auction these products in return for commissions.

five. Purchase and Market. Just like auctions, getting and selling goods is often a excellent way in generating dollars in online merchandising but in this situation there is certainly no limit with what it is possible to offer. You’ll be able to purchase properties, homes, villas, cars and increase and sell them. This chance offer you a lot of revenue and you can get wealthy should you know how to obtain great deals.

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