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Moving past fear to small business success

Moving Past Fear To Small Business Success

One of my clients is in a transition stage with her business. Her practice has become so successful that she no longer has the time to do her administrative work or even the marketing work that helped her become successful. I am working with her developing a plan to hire administrative and functional staff that will allow her to continue to grow her business and enjoy her work life.

One of the issues we are facing which affects many business owners is that if she doesn’t have time to do what she’s already doing, where will she get the time to hire new employees, train them and do the marketing that is needed to justify the new employees? She keeps coming home to a pile of work and it has created a huge block to her growth. We just returned from a business trip where we learned new ways to grow the business and improve operating efficiencies. During the meetings and initially afterwards my client was incredibly excited about the possibilities. But then something disconcerting happened.

I’ve seen this happen before. In fact, it’s happened to me many times and probably has happened to you as well. As my client started looking at the work that she would need to do to match the new vision she had, she went from excited to overwhelmed. This was painful to witness. I want to see my clients succeed just as much as parents want their children to. Watching her, I saw the excitement fade and fear and resistance mount. As we condensed our notes from our business meetings, the resistance became stronger and stronger and I heard resignation in her voice as we talked about what was needed. The list we had created was long and contained tasks that comprised weeks of work. And in her current mood, she wasn’t about to do it.

As her consultant, it is my job to make this project work for her. What I realized was that she was in the middle of the classic change cycle. Whenever we go through a change, we go through this six stage cycle.

Loss—Whether good or bad, the change will bring about a sense of loss of what “was”.

Doubt- You doubt yourself, the project, the facts, the timing—and you try to find reasons to not move forward.

Discomfort— Or more specifically fear— This is the danger area. If you can’t move beyond the fear, the change will be impossible.

Discovery—The light at the end of the tunnel. Options and possibilities open up and optimism builds based on your new choices.

Understanding—You now really understand the change and are proactively involved in it. You see it benefits and know its usefulness.

Integration—The change has stopped being a change because it has now become a part of you and you have integrated the challenges and successes into your life.

The critical stage in this process is the discomfort or fear stage. If you can’t get beyond the fear, you can’t move forward and you will be stuck. I’ve found that the most useful thing that we can do is acknowledge that we are scared. It’s not easy for most people to say that they are scared of a change at work or at home, especially when they can see the benefits that the change will bring. But speaking up and saying that you are afraid is the most important part of moving ahead.

You may be afraid to speak out the fear because it may seem “silly”. It may be the fear of the unknown, the fear of success, or the fear of failure. It may be an insecurity that you aren’t good enough and the change is going to expose your weakness. You can’t hide from the fear. Dig deep and get it out of you. Put it on paper and take a good look at it. Remember the saying that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Now give it to friends, associates, and co-workers and let them help you. They can give you perspective on the change and how it will help you and how you can overcome the fear.

This will also help you with stage four, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. As the fear dissolves, you will start to see options and possibilities and become optimistic about the change. And now you are moving forward again embracing the new.

Understanding the six stages of change and especially the critical Fear stage is important for any business’s long-term success. We have to embrace change and be proactive to stay competitive and be profitable. Whenever your business is faced with a change, minor or major, be aware of this and work to help everyone involved to move as quickly as possible through the fear stage and into the abundance the change will bring you.

Michael Clark

Movers nyc allow you to relocate in peace

Movers NYC Allow You to Relocate in Peace

Movers NYC can make your move to the New York City exciting, fun and very adventurous. Moving to a city like New York can be an adventure of a lifetime but it also leads to a lot of pressure, worry, tension and stress. You would be worried about a number of things like leaving behind a familiar city, neighbors and friends and starting fresh in an unknown city. If you are in NYC because of a change in job then things might even be more difficult since you would be expected to settle down with a new work environment. One of the most worrisome things for you might be the move itself. Moving all your belongings to a new city can be quite stressful, especially if you have decided to do it all on your own.

Hiring a Professional Company

The best thing to do is to hire the services of a professional company when you move to New York. Movers NYC are reliable, efficient and very professional so they would be able to handle your relocation with much ease. The first step in the process for you would be to check the experience and reliability of a company and select one. The yellow pages and the internet are the best places to search for relocation companies. You would be able to get an idea about a few good vendors, check the type of services that they provide and even compare their rates before you have to select a relocation company.

Getting a Quote

Once you hire the services of a relocation company, they will send someone over to your home so that your belongings can be inspected. The items that you wish to transport to New York will be checked and a list of the goods would be made. This is done so that a quote can be given to you. The rate for the services would be given to you and if you wish you can compare the quotes of various companies before you select one. Before you select a company, you will have to ensure that all the necessary services that you want are included. Once you and the company both agree on the terms and conditions, the deal can then be finalized.

Complete Range of Services

Movers NYC provide a full range of services that would be required in order to make your move to the city easier. Everything from packing, carting, storing, shifting, transferring and even unpacking your belongings at the new residence would be done by the company. A good company would be well versed with the laws of the city and so they would be able to efficiently handle the relocation. You will also have to ensure that you are getting insurance for your belongings. The professionals taking care of your belongings would ensure that they are safe from theft, loss or damage so that you can feel relieved and safe with the services. With movers NYC you can now relocate in peace.

Overview on weighbridge

Overview on Weighbridge

There are two types of scales used to weigh trucks; axle load scales and full length truck scales. Axle load scales can weigh one or two axles at a time. Full length truck scales can weigh the entire truck at a time. Axle load scales are less expensive but they are subject to certain errors. Full length truck scales may be either portable or permanent installation. Portable truck scales are generally placed on a prepared surface (concrete slab, wooden beams or even dirt) and ramps are placed at either end for access. Portable scales are more expensive due to lower framework. But the biggest advantage is it is easy to move from one site to another and is ideal for contractors or road builders. Scales that are permanently mounted may be mounted either in a pit or of an above-ground low profile design where the scale is mounted on a concrete slab with ramps at either end. Advantages of Pit type scale are: There is no requirement for entry and exit ramps, snow will not be accumulated beneath the platform and easier access to the bottom of the scale. The Cost of a pit type scale is greater because of the increased cost of excavation and pit construction.

When you’re planning to buy a weighbridge for a particular operation, it is important to take into account the following: The amount of weighing expected, type of vehicle to be weighed, whether it is of part length weighbridge (Cart / Mini Weighbridge) or gross weight weighbridge (Pit or Pit less type). Pit less type weighbridge are generally mounted above road level. More space is required when compared to pit type Weigh Bridge. This type of Weigh Bridge is used in rocky land or where there is water logging problem. Pit type Weigh Bridge requires less space and ramps are not required for loading and unloading of vehicles.  

Cart or Mini Weighbridges are called Part Length Weighbridge. These weighbridges are used to weigh agricultural tractor and trailer combinations and bricks manufacturing unit. Other types of weighbridge are Low profile scale, Concrete Deck, Steel Deck, Full electronic, Electromechanical, Bumper Bolt Restraint and Check Rod restraint. Low profile scales are less expensive, available in a portable model and fewer problems with water drainage. Concrete Deck doesn’t rust easily and is unaffected by chemicals. Steel Deck requires less initial cost, less labor required, doesn’t crack easily. Electromechanical requires simple wiring, junction boxes not required, less power required and less susceptible to lightning damage. Bumper Bolt restraint is simple to install and is inexpensive. Check Rod restraint does nor require maintenance and does not allow movement in weighbridge. You may be thinking about weighing capacity. There are two capacities associated with truck scales. The first, nominal capacity can measure upto 200,000 pounds which is more than sufficient to weigh highway trucks. The second one being, concentrated load capacity can weigh about 2,000 pounds and vary from 20 tons upto 50 tons.

Personal loans to cover you round the clock with sufficient money

Personal Loans to cover you round the clock with sufficient money

There are many loan options in UK to face the personal financial requirements. To any extent, an individual will never feel desperate without getting sufficient sum of money. In one or other way, all the people can approach the loan market of UK so as to withdraw the amount needed to meet any intentions. ‘Personal loans UK’ are considered to be the best deals today to make to meet the personal demands of an individual. There are several lenders in UK to provide this loan variant for the personal purposes of the consumers. The overall process both to apply and to avail the loan are easier. The online services add up to a few extra benefits in the process. Now, with the Internet application facilities, one can wind up the entire procedure in a simple manner.

In UK, personal loans can be classified into two, secured and unsecured. Both come up with their distinctive features and characteristics. The former one, that will be available only on proper security can offer the borrower all the securities existing in the loan market. For example, low rate of interest, affordable terms in repayment terms and low rate in monthly instalments. In the latter instance, that is the unsecured loan, things are entirely different. Here, the borrower may not have to pledge anything as security, which means the process of the money will be very fast. But, being an adverse affect, it will offer the borrower a not-so-comfortable terms and conditions in interest rates and repayment terms.

Regarding the process of the loan, this variant is quicker and far simpler. The flexibility in the loaning procedure will come to be a huge help for anybody to use it for any purposes. Therefore, these can be used for home improvement, purchasing a car, wedding parties, holiday tours and even for debt consolidation. Under the category of personal loans, in UK there are even options for those with bad credit history, past defaults, arrears and like that.

To procure this loan, the borrower is supposed to meet a few eligibility criteria placed by the lenders in UK. Most of the provisions in the criteria are to make sure the repayment capacity of the borrowers. The lenders want the borrower to be a UK citizen with a regular job or permanent income source. Moreover, the borrower has to own a valid bank account so as to facilitate the transactions more simple.

With the Internet on wide usage for banking purposes, applying for ‘Personal Loan UK’ is not a huge task. With a few seconds’ spending on the web, anybody can find out the best dealer of the loan. The application process is also very simple as it needs just filling out of an application form on the web portal of the lender.

Retailers must offer price and durability

Retailers must Offer Price and Durability

For decades, retailers have advertised low priced goods with the plan to up sell the customer when they came into their store.  Car dealers are legendary for this tactic and consumers with extra disposable income or a line of credit are receptive to paying more than they planned when they are presented with a better product with all the options.

In fact, more than three quarters of consumers who entered a store looking for the economy model of a lawnmower, car, sofa or whatever,  have been effectively up sold during more prosperous times. Consumers see the benefits of the better items and associate the higher price with quality and durability. They may pay 50% more for this item than the advertised economy model, but envision keeping it for a much longer period.

Today, consumers will fall into two camps, those able to afford the up sell and those that simply cannot. In the past, customers who could spend more for more durable goods may have made up 80% of the population. Today, it’s around a 50 – 50 split.

This means that many consumers in our New Economy will need to focus on price only, and forego the consideration of paying more for durability. In the past many retailers would keep one unit of the advertised economy model just to comply with advertising laws and usually took their time selling it. Today, if your organization wants to do business with both consumer types, it’s critical that you offer models of economy as well as durability .

Recently, a well known store advertised a gas barbecue for $89. This was quite an impressive price for such an item! As expected, this shop sold barbecues from $89 up to $1,000 in many shapes and sizes. Upon examination of the $89 barbecue, one can see why it sold for $89. The frame was shaky, it had one little burner and looked like two seasons might be its maximum life expectancy. In earlier times, you’d expect them to have one of these units on display, and up sell the consumer to a barbecue of better quality perhaps for twice the price or even more. It certainly makes sense if you can get ten years or more out of the $350 barbecue. It can actually work out less per year that way too.

However, this store had done their homework and had piles of the cheap barbecue. The company understood that no matter what, consumers in the new price camp will not be up sold out of their tight budget. Their mentality is to buy the cheapest “until things get better”. This store knew that it was important to offer products that offer both price, and units that offer durability so that they can do business and retain both genres of consumer. If your store does business the old way and just stocks one unit of the economy model and it sells out, the price driven consumer will need to shop elsewhere and may never come back, even when times get better.

Recognize the two different consumers and appreciate that in these challenging times, those driven by price are an expanding group. In fact, it remains to be seen whether a portion of these consumers stay in the Price camp forever regardless of how the economy rebounds in the future. As witnessed during the depression of the 1930’s, many consumers never left this price camp of fear that history would repeat itself.

Take Action Today:

1) Review the price and durability consumer mentalities with your sales team. Train staff to demonstrate and sell items to these two consumers that have very different needs and priorities.

2) Review inventory and make sure that you offer both product types, in larger quantities.

3) Fine tune the balance in your store between price driven and more expensive durability driven products based on your specific customer demographics.

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