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Nokia e76 wholesale from china

NOKIA E76 Wholesale from china


LCD Size: 2.4 inch, 260 thousand color; PX: 240*320px LCD Size:
Ringtone: ; Ringtone format: mp3,midi
Music: play mp3 at background, dual speaker bass output
Video: 3GP,MP4,play in full screen, speed/pause
FM radio: FM stereo, can play with headset
Camera: 13.0 lacpixel; support to shoot video with sound, the time depends on the storage
Rom: 512MB, supports 4G card, Document management
Data Transfer: USB data wire /cardreader/bluetooth(file transmission, voice, music)
Standby Photo: jpg,gif Main features
Telephone directories: 500 groups , incoming ringtone, group ringtone, incoming call with photo
SMS & MMS: 50 messages, MMS
Schedule power on/off: support auto start/close
Alarm clock: 5 groups, can set from MON to SUN at random
Games: 1 common game
More information: MP3/MP4/Handsfree/SMS group sending/Voice recorder/WAP/Radio/Bluetooth/
GPRS download/MMS/Memory extended/E-book/dual sim dual standby dual bluetooth/calendar/
agoodic ia the leading china electronics wholesale.(
With the excellent work-group, Agoodic enjoys good experience of research, produce and sales at the digital series. Moreover, Agoodic has the powerful technology and advanced equipment. All of these make Agoodic playing an important part in the digital & electronic line! We make the efforts on products that are with new series, marketable models and best quality. Therefore, all of them are popular in Europe, Africa, America and Southeast Asia!
Agoodic has cooperated with tens of close factories, so the price that we offer to the consumer is directly from the Chinese Factory, all items we list on this website is brand new and original with sealed box, and comes with official warranty, Shopping with us is safe and secure. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. And we offer 30-day Money Back GuaranteeShenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.
Postal Code: 518033
Tel1: +86 319 8329788
Tel2: +86 755 82178680

Panama canal: uniting the world

Panama Canal: Uniting the World

Panama is a land bridging continents and oceans. Its isthmus connects South America and North America. The renowned Panama Canal joins the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great macroscopic crossroads so to speak. And Panama Canal is one of the most highly controversial man-made infrastructure.

The Panama Canal is approximately 51 miles long, extending from the mouth of the Caribbean to the Pacific. From the Caribbean entrance, you will go through Lim?n Bay. After that you will encounter a series of three locks, collectively known as the Gatun Locks. The Panama Canal continues on to Gamboa, the Culebra Cut, the Pedro Miguel Locks, Miraflores Locks, and finally the Pacific Ocean. The Panama Canal is indeed an engineering feat of great worth.

But by merely looking at it, the Panama Canal of today doesn’t even give a hint of the travails the people who have built it have encountered. Digging this manmade trench was an experience fraught with problems, obstacles and tragedy.

The construction of Panama Canal began in 1878 under a French company and under the leadership of the engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps. The digging began but in so disorganized a fashion that what the crew dug out remained where they were put. No clearing crew came after. Landslides became a grave concern.

There weren’t enough equipments and tools available to effectively excavate the canal. Large boulders stopped construction at every turn. Men were doing more than was humanly possible to keep the work going. Add to that the fact that there was no adequate housing and medical facilities there, most of the crew got sick at one time or another and most of these crew members chose to go home. There was enormous turnover of crew men and at the end, more than 22,000 crew members have died in digging the canal.

Of course, monetary problems were a great part of the controversy. The French company which greatly suffered financially. The mix of engineering problems, crew member turnover, sickness and pestilence wore down the company’s capital and halted construction once and for all.

But the United States saw the potential of a canal connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. It also wanted access to and control of the canal that was being built. Thus, when construction halted, the American government negotiated with the French for rights to and control of the canal. No mutual agreement was reached, however. What the United States did then was cooperate and organize the Panamanian citizens to protest against Colombian authority. With American ships standing by, Panama officially became an independent entity on November 3, 1903. On the same month, Panama granted control of the Panama Canal to the United States for US$10 million and an annual sum of US$250,000.

The Panama Canal is now finished and fully operational. It has become a great tool in the traffic of goods from the South to North America, as well as one of the most famous tourist attractions.

For more information, please visit:

No pension in irish construction industry – 7 most common reasons

No Pension in Irish Construction Industry – 7 Most Common Reasons

Pension’s Tips: It is said that people either “live too long or die too young”, and nowhere is this more typified than in the Construction Industry, where up to recently, both the safety record and the Pension planning record had been nothing short of appalling.

On the one hand, the fatality and injury record of workers in the Irish Building Industry was one of the highest in Europe (in 2001, 28% of all workplace fatalities were Construction Industry related), while those who were lucky enough to have survived working on Irish Construction sites faced a very uncertain future as they neared retirement.

While the authorities have made some strides in addressing the Construction Industries safety record in the recent past, there is still considerable scope for improvement with regard to adequate and proactive Pension Planning (in an IAPF survey dated October ,2005,it was found that nearly the entire Irish population was dependant on the state pension)While a recent IMPACT Trade Union report found that in Ireland, there are currently 5 people of working age for every person aged over 65, but that figure will fall to 2 to 1 by 2050,causing a huge funding crisis.

The lack of Pension planning is a symptom of a larger Irish malaise, namely their totally reactive nature to nearly everything. This especially applies to Construction Industry Pensions, where despite extensive publicity on the need for adequate Pension planning, the Pension expertise available and the negative effects of no Pensions being in place at retirement, excuses still abound for doing nothing. In an effort to be seen to do something, the Government is even rumored to being looking at making Pension funding compulsory.

In over 25 years of Pensions planning, here are the 7 most popular excuses I’ve come across in the Construction Industry for not planning a Pension.

* I can’t afford it

* I’m too young/old

* “Someone else” will provide for it

* I’ll do it “later”

* There’s a state pension

* I don’t want to think about it

* I’ll be dead by then

I can’t afford it — expansive pension ……ask yourself can you afford NOT to? Waiting until you can afford it will never happen. The minimum monthly premium for a self employed Pension is €25 gross, or with tax relief at 20%, €20per month ……that’s €1.00 per day. Given that the minimum Lottery ticket price is €1.50 per go, and there are absolutely no guarantees whatsoever with that, €1 is a small price to pay for securing your future and security of mind, isn’t it?

Insurance go first! I’m too young/old ….you’re never too young, or old for that matter, to start to proactively secure YOUR future. The earlier you start, the longer your funds have to grow and appreciate in value, while even starting much later in life will give you tax relief and help you to exercise SOME power over your finances.

A plan for my Pension? “Someone else” will provide it …………who, precisely? And why should they? While an employer may contribute to your Pension Plan, ask yourself how much of a benefit you’d expect to get, would it be guaranteed, and if so, for how long? Would you be happy to have “someone else” pick your clothes, choose your car or have any other say in your life – but if you don’t plan for your Pension, “someone else” WILL be deciding your future.

I’ll do it “Later …… look at the cost of delay – to provide a pension of €2,000 per month, a 20 year old would need to pay €270 per month into a pension plan, while a 40 year old saving for EXACTLY the same amount would need to pay €951 per month – FRIGHTENING, isn’t it??

There’s a State Pension …….there is alright. As of Jan, 2007, that stands at the princely sum of €209.30 per week. Now ask yourself, given the ever increasing cost of accommodation, transport, food, communications, entertainment etc., if you were relying on the State Pension ONLY, would you be LIVING or EXISTING?

I don’t want to think about it…….fair enough, that’s your prerogative, but burying your head in the sand on the Construction site won’t make planning for your future go away. Can you imagine a Builder deciding they didn’t want to think about something on a Construction site……would you be happy to work there?

I’ll be dead by then …perhaps you will, but suppose you’re not? Can you imagine HAVING to continue doing manual labor out of dire economic necessity? Or what if you’ve worked all your life and in spite of your best efforts, face 30 years of retirement?

Another alternative the Irish Government are looking at, as pointed out in a recent IBEC report in Feb 2006, is that they may increase the minimum retirement age to 70 or 75.Can you imagine the potential effect this would have on the Construction Industry? So, as an Irish Building worker, why don’t you take control of your future, ignore the 7 most popular excuses outlined above, and make your Pension THE KEYSTONE of your financial future……and if you need another incentive, try living on €209.30, and nothing else, for a few weeks!!!

For general pension’s information, please visit the website of the Irish Pensions Board or for Information relating specifically to Pensions visit Irish Construction Industry Pensions.

Ireland’s premier supplier of Pension and Retirement planning for those contractors, suppliers and sub-contractors who work in the Irish Construction Industry

Online buying of used medical equipment to keep costs down

Online Buying of Used Medical Equipment to Keep Costs Down

Health care professionals know that keeping costs down is important. Medical equipment has to be kept up to date, but at the same time you need to balance this need with the need to reduce costs. You can offset costs of equipment purchasing from Medflip, an innovative new website through which you can both buy and sell used medical equipment and used laboratory equipment and successfully balance the two needs.

Medical administrators know that you have to be creative if you are to keep standards of patient care at their highest whilst balancing the finances. Buying used medical equipment or used laboratory equipment through a website with a good reputation is a way to facilitate this. You can find the necessary equipment at lower prices through a website such as this.

Online buying of used laboratory equipment and used medical equipment is now possible thanks to Medflip. The money you save in this manner you can afford to buy the high quality equipment which a medical facility has to have. By using this website, you will save not only money but also time, a point medical administrators will surely appreciate.

You can spend a lot of money as well as time in finding suppliers for the specialized equipment you need. Your time is better spent in other aspects of your work. The range of vendors selling through Medflip means that you have plenty of equipment to choose from and can find what you want at a suitable price. When the equipment you have is due for replacement you can also sell used medical equipment and used laboratory equipment online. Secure and monitored transactions on this site mean that you can confidently buy and sell used medical equipment here.

Now you can offer your used laboratory equipment and used medical equipment for sale to a wide range of potential buyers by selling online, all from your own office. All you have to do is list your items and leave the rest to the website. No viewings of the items or handling of the auction, or even delivery of equipment after the sale.

Have a look at the website if you want to know more about how you can use Medflip to buy or sell used medical equipment. You will soon see how you can save time as well as money if you choose to buy or sell used medical equipment using Medflip’s site.

Like any other business, health care needs to keep an eye on costs. These must be balanced against the requirements of patient care. If you elect to sell or buy used medical equipment or used laboratory equipment over the internet you can answer the needs of both ethical and financial demands on your business.

Cutting costs whilst at the same time maintaining quality of patient care can be a difficult task for the medical administrator. If you choose to use a site such as Medflip to buy or sell used laboratory equipment or used medical equipment, then you will find this a very easy way to succeed in this important balancing act.

Private label rights – how do you make money with private label rights

Private Label Rights – How Do You Make Money With Private Label Rights?

There are private label rights products that you can find all over the internet on any subject. You may need to search to find the ones that you are looking for. However, private label rights are the best kind of product that you can get for your money. When you get plr products you will get the entire resale rights, and even the master resale rights. There are many benefits to owning plr products.
Here are some of the benefits for any private label rights products that you have purchased.
One: You can change the content and rewrite it if you want to. This will mean that you will have your own product that is not like anyone else’s.
Two: You can add your name to the plr product which will mean that you are the sole owner, creator and seller.
Three: You will be an instant product owner who has the power to control the product and what is done with it. This would take you months to be able to make your own product whereas with plr products it will only take you a very small amount of time to change it so that it is unique and it is yours.
When you spend your money on private label rights you need to make sure that you get the product as is, plus you should be given the master document that will allow you to change or edit the content as you want to. You need to make sure that your plr product comes with all the websites, graphics, ad copy, source codes and everything that was stated that you would receive when you bought the package.
It can be kind expensive for you to purchase these types of products. The price usually goes from $97.00 to $1,000.00 or more. The price will depend on what all is included in the package.
Here are some ways that you can make money with private label rights:
One: You can break it down into individual reports and then sell them or you could put them on a CD so that you can sell your own physical product.
Two: You can also sell the plr to the edited content that you made. This will mean that you have a brand new product that you can offer many different types of resale rights to.
You can make good money from buying the plr product for one particular product. You will have to change it so that it is unique and then find ways that you can make it better than the original by expanding on it. Private label rights can be used for a lot of different things that will benefit you and make it easier to make money.
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