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Merchant services for ecommerce companies

Merchant Services for eCommerce Companies

With every passing day, technological developments in internet bandwidth and content delivery continue to grow. So too, does the opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on the web-based consumer market by getting involved in eCommerce. What was once considered a burgeoning market, eCommerce is quickly making face-to-face transactions obsolete in some consumer sectors. However, in order to run a successful web-based business, an eCommerce entrepreneur must understand what types of merchant services they will need and why.

As mentioned before, the amount of trade conducted via eCommerce has grown exponentially with widespread internet usage. This method of commerce has benefited from innovations and technologies like online transaction processing, internet marketing, electronic funds transfer, electronic data interchange, supply chain management, inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

Online retail has become very popular, with almost all big retailers having an electronic commerce presence on the Web. Thus it is crucial to know what merchant account services are going to be most important to your business.

Credit Card Processing

Of course, making sure you can accept proper forms of payment from your customers is pivotal. Procuring a merchant account will ensure that web-based customer payments can be captured and processed at any time of day, nearly anywhere in the world. The credit card processing method used to do this is called a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a service that authorizes payments for web-based businesses and online retailers.

Typically, the merchant account provider is a separate company from the payment gateway. Though some merchant account providers have their own payment gateways, a majority of companies use third party payment gateways. Payment gateways consist of a virtual terminal that can allow for a merchant to securely login and key in credit card numbers and some version of shopping-cart software that connects to the gateway to allow for real time processing from the merchant’s website.

Fraud Protection

Payment gateways utilize secure, encrypted connections to on a server to capture and transmit credit card payment information to the merchant account bank. This is obviously important for eCommerce companies as well as their customers. Businesses need to ensure that their funds are safe certainly, but they must also look out for the financial information of their customers. Without the right merchant account provider, businesses could quickly get the reputation of having poor credit card fraud protection. Try to look for an account provider that offers military grade encryption on their payment gateways, as well as a feature that will securely store card information for recurring fees.

Rates and Fees

Web based businesses and e-tailers should study the rates and fees they will be assessed with a prospective account provider. While most charges are relatively similar, there can be pricing variances. Merchant accounts have a selection of charges; some occur every so often, others are accounted for on a per-item basis.

Other charges are arranged by the merchant account provider, but most of the per-item and charges are passed through the merchant account provider to the credit card issuing bank. These rates and fees are always directed to the eCommerce business, and never to the customer and financial institutions. Why? Because customers can always choose to pay in cash, thus reducing credit card companies’ market share. The key is to find a merchant account provider with the fairest rates.

Search Engine Optimization

Many merchant account providers will offer a feature known as search engine optimization, or SEO for short. Typically, the earlier a site appears in a search engine results list, the more likely potential customers will visit the site. This gives a web site web presence, and will ultimately lead to higher website traffic and profit. Therefore, it is important to discuss with prospective merchant account providers the methods they use with regard to search engine optimization.

When selecting a merchant account provider, it is extremely important to be aware of the merchant account services you will come to need and expect. Ask potential account providers about their credit card processing services, and the features of their payment gateway. Be familiar with the rates and fees you should expect to incur, and be sure to discuss what search engine optimization options are possible.

Make change happen & get organized

Make Change Happen & Get Organized

Make Change Happen

Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation. – Robert F. Kennedy.

Those who prosper in our inconstant world accept change as a positive force and can persuade other to do the same. Those fearful of change or unable to rally others in new directions will be steamrollered with the volatility of modern organizations. You can get others to go along with useful change with a minimum of resistance.

Yes, You Can.

  • Prepare for resistance. People fear change because they expect to lose something they value and because they have so often been victims of poorly administered change. Anticipate the exact concerns and objections you’re likely to hear.
  • Don’t believe that resisters are being foolish or obstinate. Put yourself in their shoes to understand their fears. Then you’ll be in a much better position to reassure them.
  • Whenever possible, involve employees in deciding on and planning for the change.
  • Explain the change fully. Give a rationale for it, the roles employees will play in it, and its implications. Emphasize the benefits to employees and to the company.
  • Provide venting forums. Listen without comment. Acknowledge concerns, don’t criticize or belittle them. Tell employees how you’ll address their objections.
  • Demonstrate management’s commitment to the change. Do more than your share of work and accept more than your share of the sacrifices needed to implement the change.
  • Make those organizational adjustments and resource allocations needed to accommodate the change.
  • Train, coach, counsel, and reward employees throughout the implementation phase. Be there for them.

Get Organized

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. – Carl Sandburg.

Disorganization is a major contributor to stress and one of the reasons we don’t achieve our goals. You can avoid the diseases of clutter, poor planning, and disarray.

Yes, You can.

  • Make time to organize. Set yearly goals, monthly objectives, and weekly priorities.
  • Don’t start a new task until you have everything you need – information, supplies, and so on – to get it underway.
  • Plan ahead. Lay out the subtasks needed over the coming weeks in order to accomplish a master task.
  • Keep a “to do” list with tasks listed according to their value: A= high; B = medium; C= low. Work on only high value tasks. Update your list at the end of the day.
  • Do one of four things whenever you pick up a piece of paper – pitch it, send it to someone else, act on it. Or file it. Never put it down without performing any one of these actions.
  • Stop being a collector. Put away papers, files, and other desk clutter than you haven’t looked at for two weeks.
  • Divide complex projects into manageable pieces. Attack the project piece by piece. Solve one problem at a time.
  • Write down every promise you make and everything you need to remember right away – never on slips of paper, always using a scheduling system and notetaking procedure that works for you. On this “master list” note the tasks you’ll complete today.
  • Maintain an appointment calendar. Use a coordinated system to keep track of projects.
  • Keep your desktop cleared for action.

The author of the said articles is Iyer Subramanian attached to Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. E-Mail:

Manila, philippines

Manila, Philippines

The Philippines has recently gained itself a bad reputation due to all the political on-goings in the country. Clashes between rebel forces and the government, rumors of coup, status of emergency declarations, and even suspected links to the al Quaeda – no wonder some Western governments cannot help but release travel advisories against visiting this country.

Before you decide against a trip to Manila, you should bear in mind that the newspapers do not always give an accurate picture of a situation. Sensationalism is their business, and sensationalized news is what you usually get.

Manila is located in the northern island of Luzon. The terrorist stronghold is located in the southernmost part of the Philippines – two big islands away – in Mindanao. The status of emergency was indeed declared but civilians basically continued to live their normal lives even as it was in place.

It is very easy to get around in Manila. The jeepney is the Philippines’ most common form of transportation. It is actually based on the US Army jeep but is longer and fits about 16-20 people. You can also get on buses, the Metro Rail Transit, and hire cabs. Language is not a major problem as even the people on the streets can speak rudimentary English.

Manila is well-known for its nightlife. You can find bars open until 3 or 4 in the morning. The Makati and Malate areas are where you can find the hottest clubs and bars. Makati is a bit more expensive but safer as well.

Malls abound in the metro. You can find anything from designer brands to nondescript but very cheap brands. Food is not a problem. Filipino food, American fast food, Japanese food – you can find anything there.

Filipinos are very hospitable by nature. You will be surprised at how friendly and helpful most of them are. It’s actually a different form of racism – they seem to treat Caucasians in a much better way.

Cost of living and traveling is so much lower than in western countries. So if you have dollars or euros, chances are you will have no problems availing services that meet your standards. Hotels and other accommodations are abundant and easy to find.

If it is the beach you want, then you can opt to go out of the city. The nearest beach can be reached in about 4 hours from the city. You can take a plane to other parts of the country if you want to see more.

Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, Manila is a good place to visit. It will be a rich cultural experience for you.

Plan your corporate events with eventus corporate

Plan Your Corporate Events With Eventus Corporate

Welcome to Eventus Corporate, a perfect guide to plan, execute your business, corporate events successfully. From meeting & workshop to training and seminars we know that every detail and every penny is important. Our website helps you easily locate a wide range of contacts and resources within the event planning industry, while providing great ideas and tips.

You need a venue or a public speaker, any equipment or an entertainer for your events… don’t have to go anywhere in search of them. Just dial a number or visit our website and get best tips and ideas with many useful resources and contact list. We guarantee you that you event planning will be fun and no more a hassle for you.
Our services are divided into various categories which makes it easy for you to choose the service you need. Categories including perfect location for your corporate events, conference venue, convention center, hotels and accommodation for your guests, unique venue activities ideas, complete range of audio/video equipment, list of entertainers, caterers, tips related to gifts or promo products, unique flower decoration, photographers and the best Florida events planner contacts. Eventus Corporate is a ALL IN ONE SOLUTION for your events anywhere in Florida.
In our site, vendors can sign up for free and get bulk orders for the various events happening in Florida for n-number of corporate. We make sure that you get the best service and you enjoy the event while our event planners work for you. Another important aspect of working with us that your events stay in your budget as you get affordable event planning tips, which gives the right value for money.
You can get handy tips for your events, one of them very important is making a “wish list” of all items you would like to include regardless of cost, and then highlight all items that you will definitely require. If you have left over funds after the essentials are taken care of then you can refer back to your wish list, and choose additional items that will add to your event.

Pip brains ea review

Pip Brains Ea Review

Many Forex traders use Forex expert advisors in order to try to extend their trading capabilities, specifically when they are not able to sit at their computers to try to catch every change in the market. One such application is the Pip Brains Forex expert advisor which was designed by Andy Jamieson and is proving to be a very viable option for people who wish to do Forex trading using an expert agent which is a form of artificial intelligence for all their trading needs.

Pip Brains has the ability to trade using four different currencies including EUR to USD, USD to JPY, AUD to USD, and EUR to JPY. It is revolutionary in its approach to use both settings and highly optimized indicators in order to trade to the best effectiveness that it can be. It is programmed to pin point the market conditions currently before open trades are met. You cannot pin point a strategy for Pip brains because the market is always changing.

PipBrains will not be your tool if you want constant trades every single day or even multiple times during the day because it is not that kind of an agent. It works on the philosophy of slow and steady winning the race to keep investors content without constantly fearing that all their efforts and time are wasted in attempts to turn a profit with Forex trading.

PipBrains works with almost all brokers that are available out there . It will allow wide spreads and fast execution for the very powerful expert agent.

Pip Brains requires a membership to use and you are only allowed to use one account while others must be purchased for a price. You may purchase 3 for $99.99, 2 for $79.99, and 1 for $49.99 if you have a desire or a need for these. Many individuals need more than one account because they have had many successful transactions with their single account. However, the demo accounts that can be used are unlimited in number. Changing your live account number is possible from the profile page in little to no time at all, even seconds.

Pipbrains operates under the idea of being more for patient people who only do forex robot trading five to ten times a week as an average. It does not open or continue a trade until many or all of the requirements that are programmed in it are met. As a result of this strategy, more winning trades occur than losing ones. The software is meant to stop losses and offer higher profits and therefore can be a very profitable endeavor and a stable reliable income as well. It does not place your investments and assets at a risk. 

Pipbrains comes highly recommended due to its ease of use, low risk rating, and the method in which it conducts trades. It is a low stress way to let a form of artificial intelligence assist you with controlling and adding to your profits without causing you to risk everything you have.

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