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Power tool battery performance in hot and cold temperatures

Power Tool Battery Performance in Hot and Cold Temperatures

There are many rumors circulating within the tool industry about the performance of power tool batteries in extreme hot and cold temperatures. Let me take a moment to dispel a few of these rumors with some cold, hard facts. In actuality, your batteries will always underperform in extreme temperatures. Hot and cold environments confuse and disorganize the cells inside your battery that allow it to generate the energy and power you require from your tools. In extreme temperatures, those cells literally can not perform and consequently, your battery can not perform either. The battery can not properly deliver power to your power tools, and can’t re-begin working at full capacity until its internal equilibrium is restored.

Not only do these extreme temperatures and conditions temporarily discombobulate your battery, but overtime, they will actually permanently destroy the battery’s cells rendering the battery all but absolutely useless – at that point your once brilliant power tool battery may serve only as a paperweight or perhaps the stone-cold living memory of a once vivacious, power-housing accessory. In other words, dramatic hot and cold temperatures will cause your batteries to work improperly, and given a little extra time or wiggle room, will cause your batteries to flat-out die.

Any unexpected and extreme temperature fluctuations are very unhealthy for your batteries, they are a super-shock to the system that is painfully difficult to bounce back from. Interior energy cells will begin to deplete and die until eventually, and usually prematurely, your battery is totally and entirely exhausted. In the end, and contrary to some circulating rumors, cold temperatures do not, in any way whatsoever, conserve nor improve battery life or performance; in fact, they will annihilate your battery from the inside out. Similarly, hot temperatures will generally broil your batteries and their power cells into a sad state of drooling oblivion. Extreme conditions and hot and cold temperatures will effectively kill your power tool batteries. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Ultimately, your batteries want to be warm, dry, and temperate – I repeat, warm (as in room temperature), dry, and temperate – just like you. Don’t put them in the freezer, don’t leave them in the heat, don’t leave them in your trunk or truck bed, and don’t overcharge them. Simply love them and honor their needs, and they will work hard for you until their end of days. Keep them in the garage, or better yet, bring them in the house for dinner and a movie to ensure they maintain optimal temperature and an always optimal performance.

Pros and cons for pacific poker

Pros and Cons for Pacific Poker

Pacific Poker has experienced a tremendous growth in popularity recently. A large number of players find this room interesting, in spite of the rather sub-standard software that Pacific Poker has. Although many players may consider the poor software a drawback, Pacific Poker is still appreciated. The soft games are one of the reasons for this appreciation. Those who wish to win money will find Pacific Poker a real gold mine, as it has some of the easiest games, which give players the possibility to win some rather than lose some. This feature also goes for tables with higher stakes, of around $20, for instance. However, the fact that players don’t have the possibility to play on multiple tables and the software is not very attractive may make experienced players turn to other rooms.

A good point for Pacific Poker is that it offers a good variety of games, which include Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, and tournaments. Players who choose Pacific Poker are mostly interested in Texas Hold’em, and those are the tables where most of the traffic is, as these games are great. There are stake limits, but they vary from micro to high, so players can bet the amount they wish.

Other pros for Pacific Poker include that good promotions that players can benefit from, and soft competition. The weak points for Pacific Poker, other than poor software and lack of multi-table support, include lagging at times and slow telephone support. However, players are usually provided with fast e-mail support.

Some of the special features of Pacific Poker include the special bet bonus, hot keys for check, raise and fold, as well as the graphical hand replay function.

Although recent updates have contributed significantly to the software improvement for Pacific Poker, this poker room is still referred to as the room with the worst poker players, which was in fact due to the rather poor software.

Reviews of Pacific Poker state that the players will not be able to feel the thrills of a good poker game, as the game quality suffers, because most players at Pacific Poker are not interested in serious game play.

However, players can earn points and prizes by entering the numerous promotional tournaments offered by Pacific Poker, and a credit of 25% bonus is automatically allowed once the player starts the game at the site, which is unique at Pacific Poker.

As opposed to US citizens, who are still not completely clear whether playing poker online is legal, European citizens can do so with no worries in mind. However, there is one condition, the European gambling license that the poker room has to be operating with. Should the poker room not operate under such an European gambling license, the players may find that their earnings are not free of tax.

European citizens have the advantage of being able to play online poker legally, mostly due to the more relaxed European gambling laws.

Americans can still play online poker without fearing that it could be illegal, as long as it is from outside the United States, and many of them will find Pacific Poker a real gold mine.

For more info about pacific poker and especially about European Gambling please visit this website

Recessionary incentives

Recessionary Incentives

Offering incentives is a powerful tool to survive a recession by keeping existing customers with you. Plus, incentives will allow you to reach new clients who will grow your business even in a down-economic cycle.

What businesses, especially small businesses, want to avoid is discounting the cost of their products or services to the point that it hurts the bottom line.

However, if your incentives are designed to attract customers to your business because they want what you have to offer, price will be less important than value.

For example, many of the major U.S. makers of large cars and vans have offered discounts and incentives on top of ever more generous rebates. Yet, the small fuel-efficient cars that come with fewer incentives are selling more, because more consumers consider them a better value in the wake of rapidly-rising gas prices.

In a recession, there are three practical and psychological factors at play that can be your cue to how you want to use incentives.

Hundreds of studies point to: – The practical issue of consumers having less disposable income,

– The practical issue of our over-stressed, time-starved society, and,

– The psychological issue of general worries about the future because of the uncertainties created by a weak economy.

So first ask yourself: What incentives can I provide that will address money, time and general consumer worries?

– Can you offer “money-saving” values versus price cuts?

– Is it time to focus on how your services or products can save time?

– How can you solve a problem? Can you promote your products or services as the answer to one or more consumer concerns, including general economic worries? Can you position your business as the trustworthy choice?

Here are practical incentives strategies for businesses of any size:

– Bundle up to create money-saving values as incentives. Cell phone and cable companies profited greatly by bundling their services. Revisit your products or services and ask: How can I re-package two or more and promote this new package as a “new, money-saving value” that will save consumers time?

– Use “value” language. The focus should be on the words “value,” “money-saving” and “time-saving” versus the words “cheap,” “discount,” and “bargain basement.” If you are faster, more reliable and more comprehensive than your competitors, you are a “money-saving” value. Why? Because time is money, and you save clients time.

– Offer a gift. Who doesn’t like presents? Gift cards have been one of the fastest growing sectors in the incentives category. A “gift” doesn’t have to come in the form of a gift card. A business can offer a gift of a special white paper or article that will be useful to the client, or a free hour of your services for “x” number of hours billed.

– Focus on free as an incentive. “Free” is a powerful calling card. Instead of slashing prices that you can’t afford to slash, focus on what you can “add” that is free. Offering free subscriptions to online e-newsletters that offer valuable, practical information. In this Information Age, information is money, so offer information free.

– Reward your true-blue clients. When money is tight, consumers go comparison-shopping. Firms that don’t pay attention to their true-blue clients can become vulnerable if they take these clients for granted. High-end retailers offer their high-spending customers special values such as by-invitation-only events or gift certificates. What by-invitation-only information or event can you provide to your true-blue clients?

– Reward your first-time customers. You also want to make your first-time customers your future true-blue clients. Offer incentives geared toward first-time customers.

– Partner up to offer perks. Another way to offer incentives without slashing your fees or incurring extra costs is to partner up. This is also a smart way to expand your client base. A financial services firm can partner up with a law firm to offer a free online or on-site seminar on law and money. Hotels partner with wholesalers to offer wine or cheese tastings. Choose a partner with a compatible client demographic.

– Don’t forget your employees. In a recession, don’t forget that your employees are cash-strapped, time-starved, worried consumers, too. Offering internal incentives, like setting aside a perk being offered to customers as an employee incentive works well. Offer a day off, which can enhance your bottom line by allowing employees to relax and re-energize. Then, they too, can survive the recession.

Miami condominiums- a smart investment

Miami Condominiums- a Smart Investment

Miami is one of the most craved for places of residence in the United States. Its location in the southeastern part of Florida and the fact that Miami is one of the largest cities in this metropolitan area make it the place to call your home. Furthermore, the fact that Miami is thought as an international cultural and financial center gives you another good reason to want to purchase a home here.

Whether you buy a house or a condo does not matter that much as long as you live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. However, nowadays you should look more into the idea of buying a condo instead of a house, because there are certain advantages that you would not want to pass out on.

Miami condo development has increased considerably in the last few years and the main reason is the advantages that living in a condo bring. Not too long ago, Miami condominiums were mostly desired by single home- buyers or people who were entering the market of high- priced living accommodations for the first time. However, nowadays more and more families choose to invest in a condo.

Miami condominiums offer people amenities that they probably could not afford after buying an expensive house. You can have access to swimming pools, exercise rooms, tennis courts and many other facilities that you do not have to pay for. Miami condo development has reached its peak in the last few years together with the high demand for condos. Many condo developers are raising the standards for how a Miami condominium building should look like and the facilities that one can have. For example, there are condo buildings that offer each resident his/ her own private elevator.

Another selling point for Miami condo development is the fact that there is nothing like a spectacular view to wake up to every morning. Miami condominiums surely offer you that. Whether you weak up and see the bay, or you see the beautiful park next to you or you go to sleep watching all those lights that make Miami special, you know you have made a great investment.

Moreover, when buying a condo you do not have to worry if something broke down, or if your house is a little messy because once you purchase a condo, you will have maintenance, building insurance and repairs just by paying your monthly fee.

Miami condo development is highly linked to the services and advantages that condos offer to everybody. If before a condo was considered more suitable for a single person, nowadays it can be a great place for vacation with your family or even to live there, enjoying all the benefits that Miami condominiums offer. It may seem like a big investment at the beginning, but as time passes by I can assure you that you will see the benefits of owning a condo and be very confident that you have made the right choice when deciding to invest in this market.

For more resources about Luxury Miami Condos or even about Miami Condominiums please review

Maximize your profits with adelaide display advertising

Maximize Your Profits with Adelaide Display Advertising

Display advertising is a type of advertising that has text, photographs, logos or any other images; for instance the location maps, outdoor as well as indoor banners. They are normally targeted towards increasing customers to your stall at an exhibition or leading potential clients to a certain area in a shop. It is necessary to think about this carefully so that you may know how to go about it and to have your budget in order. Display advertising is not only meant to draw attention but also it can be used in several situations and events because of its portability nature.

One of the things that you should put into consideration on display advertising is to include the products that are of high demand at that particular time. This will make the potential customers to see for themselves and know that you have the product they require. For instance if it is a certain trend of fashion, it should be well displayed and be the first product that the customer can see while they are at your booth.

Adelaide display advertising usually has their product in an easy to carry bag so you do not need to worry about the safety of the products while transporting. This is so because the materials they use to make them plus the ink can even be used outdoors. While designing display advertising it is important to put into consideration the things that can catch the eyes of the customers. You have to understand that you are displaying the products in either an enclosed place or an open one. Designing an advertising campaign requires one to be creative or else the potential customers may look upon the message you is trying to pass.

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