New dragons' den tv 2010: pitching secrets for the best dragons den investors investment

New Dragons' Den TV 2010: Pitching Secrets For The Best Dragons Den Investors Investment

We are in the throes of one of the worst economic downturns in history & to add more fuel to the fire, a UK general election looms.

Confidence in business growth is at an all time low as business owner’s fight to survive. Business finance & secure cash flow is key.

Although the new Dragons’ Den TV 2010 series 8 offers entrepreneurs hope by pitching for the best Dragons Den investors investment, be advised you enter the Dragon Den at your peril.

Two very significant factors have propelled the Dragons’Den into compulsive viewing for every business owner and aspiring business entrepreneur.

The BBC production team have taken a very mundane topic, i.e. business, and transformed it into one of the best entertainment programmes on TV.

The second reason is the current economic downturn and the failure of many of the banks to lend money to new businesses and existing business owners.

This has forced all aspiring start up entrepreneurs to seek alternative methods for finding financial investment to help them grow their business into a long term sustainable business success.

The Dragons’ Den offers these business owners an opportunity to enter the Dragon Den and pitch their business idea to five very astute Dragon investors with the sole aim of securing the investors investment.

It is rumoured that the new Dragons’Den TV series 8 is going to be the best Dragons Den yet. In fact the rumour mongers believe this new Dragons’Den TV series is increasing from a series of eight TV programmes, to ten programmes.

If this is true then it’s a testament to the high quality of this remarkable successful TV series.

From watching the previous best Dragons Den programmes, there appears to be no fixed profile for who will succeed and secure the The Dragons’ Den investors investment.

No one single industry sector appears to be the most appealing choice for the individual Dragons, as the investors investment has spread right across a very diverse portfolio of business sectors.

This is despite each of the new Dragons’ Den TV Investors hailing from a specific industry sector.

For example it is no great secret that Duncan Bannatyne Dragons Den has primary business interests in hotels and health clubs.

Peter Jones Dragons Den is well known for his telecommunications and e-commerce business ventures.

Theo Paphitis Dragons Den is heavily involved in the retail sector.

Deborah Meaden Dragons is known as a marketing expert who was involved in the holiday and lesuire industry.

Dragons Den James Caan really came to prominence after launching his own management recruitment agency.

Despite still retaining links to their primary business interests, the Dragons’Den investors have made some very astute investors investment in a number of diverse industry sector businesses which have presented before prior series of the best Dragons Den series.

While the new Dragons’ Den TV series seeks to maintain its success, new entrepreneurs will continue to enter the Dragon Den and pitch their ideas for investors investment in the new 2010 Dragons’ Den TV series.

Furthermore the Dragons will seek to expand their business sector portfolios by investing in the latest entrepreneurs hoping to make it big in business.

On the face of it the BBC has produced a complimentary environment for new and aspiring entrepreneurs to present their business ideas for investors investment.

Those who pitch successfully get oodles of added value benefits from securing investment from one or more of the Dragons’ Den investors.

While the financial investment is the primary factor for most entrepreneurs pitching, the added bonus of fifteen minutes of fame also goes a long way in raising awareness of their business as well.

I’m sure when Andy Warhol suggested that everyone in their lifetime will grab fifteen minutes of fame, he didn’t consider it as part of a business owners overall marketing strategy.

Those aspiring entrepreneurs who enter the Dragon Den, can at the very least take comfort in the fact that irrespective of whether they are successful in gaining the investors investment, the BBC has offered them the opportunity to join a fraternity of ‘Cool’ entrepreneurs.

With the exception of Michael Douglas in the Hollywood blockbuster movie, Wall Street, no other form of business investor has ever entered the realms of being cool. This is another factor which has propelled the best Dragons Den entrepreneurs into the media spotlight.

No doubt the next tranche of aspiring entrepreneurs looking to participate in the new Dragons’ Den TV series 8 will be hoping they emerge as one of the ‘Cool’ successes.

The two alternatives to this, are that you end up appearing so uninspiring that you fail to get any actual broadcast time in the Dragon Den.

The second alternative is that you do or say something that forces the Dragons to humiliate you and your business idea.

From an ongoing brand awareness and business marketing perspective, it won’t do you or your business any good if one or more of the Dragons’ Den investors mentions he would rather stick pins in his eyes, than invest in your business. This phrase has been uttered by Theo Paphitis.

Other put downs include: “You have presented yourself as completely un-investable,” from Deborah Meaden.

Peter Jones has told more than one budding entrepreneur, “you have completely wasted my time; this is not a viable business proposition.”

Entrepreneurs must tremble in their shoes as gravelly tongued Duncan Bannatyne dismisses them with the following comments: “I’ve never heard of such a ridiculous idea for a business, I’m out.”

As the newest investor in the Dragons’Den, James Caan often offers a more subtle verbal dismissal like, “thank you, but this does not appear to be a viable business which can offer a return to an investor.”

Sometimes you can almost see the entrepreneur stagger as this dagger of subtle dismissal ends their dreams of gaining any investors investment.

All business owners can learn from the business secrets and tips disclosed by the best Dragons Den investors, which is why I’ve included some of their best documented comments in the following paragraphs.

Duncan Bannatyne Dragons Den: Investors Investment Secret #1: Understand Your Financial Numbers

Duncan Bannatyne stated the following on record.”I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be wealthy-that I couldn’t have become wealthy, if I hadn’t got myself into debt. Every entrepreneur I know has used debt to make a profit.”

A Business Tip From Duncan Bannatyne Dragons Den:

You won’t become wealthy, until you make the decision to become wealthy.

Peter Jones Dragons Den: Investors Investment Secret #1: Know Your Business Inside Out

Peter Jones is considered the ‘Visionary Investor’ on the Dragons’ Den. He is very dismissive of anyone who fails to articulate in-depth knowledge of their business, or their vision of their business.

A Business Tip From Dragons Den Peter Jones:

First impressions count. If you are seeking investment from anybody, offer them the courtesy of appearing before them well dressed and presentable.

Theo Paphitis Dragons Den: Investors Investment Secret #1: The Devil Is In The Detail

Theo Paphitis has previously been highly dismissive of aspiring entrepreneurs who fail to understand the finite details required to ensure the success of their particular business, as he believes the Devil is in the detail.

A Business Tip From Theo Paphitis:

Conduct your business research. In-depth research will help to identify actual barriers to business growth.

Deborah Meaden Dragons Den: Investors Investment Secret #1: Research Your Business Market

Although Deborah Meaden is generally recognised as the Dragons’ Den marketing guru, one should never under estimate the additional skills which she brings to any investors investment she makes in the Dragon Den.

She is on record as being opposed to business procrasti
nation and she claims to have inherited her pro-activeness from her resourceful mother.

Some of the best Dragons Den investments have materialised after Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis have formed a strategic investors investment alliance to fund the entrepreneur pitching for investment.

A Business Tip From Deborah Meaden:

Stop talking about it, and do it.

Dragons Den James Caan: Investors investment Secret #1: Have A Unique Selling Point

James Caan stated the following on record. “I now understand the principles of running a business, and I knew that if you didn’t have a unique selling point, a USP, then you were going to be dead in the water.”

A Business Tip From James Caan Dragons Den:

Observe the masses and do the opposite.

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