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Reasons of trade deficit in agriculture sector of pakistan agriculture is the major sector of economy

reasons of agriculture trade deficits of pakistan






Agriculture is the major sector of economy. It not only meets the food requirement of entire population but also supplements the foreign exchange recourses. The rural population constitutes about 60% of the total population .yet it has no organization of its own. Not even a chamber or to represent its views and protect interests. One of the interests of the farming community is to get the fair return of their produce in the market. But they are facing a lot of problems in the distribution and or marketing of their agriculture products.

                       Pakistan is an agricultural country, the people of Pakistan are hardworking and the soil is suitable for the cultivation. But   in spite of all these facts Pakistan is unable to show any reasonable productivity in the agriculture sectors. Agriculture sector is the mainstay to earn foreign exchange or to compensate the Pakistan’s foreign trade deficits, but the dilemma is that Pakistan is importing wheat from the foreign countries instead of cultivating in their own fields due to which Pakistan trade deficit is increasing day by day. Approximately a decade before Pakistan sector contribute ?th to GDP, provides 65% to export earning and provides 44.80% of labor force. But now this ratio is decreasing day by day due to the following problems.

                         In Pakistan cultivable land is under utilized; out of 80 million hectors only 25.2% is cultivated, but it is not fully utilized due to the lack of capital, lack of water and insufficient credit facilities. For agriculture land water is core component but there is a scarcity of irrigation water. It is due to the less rain falls, snow falls and water losses from water courses. The knowledge regarding the agriculture is also a big problem, because of the lack of knowledge agriculture researches are not taken place in our country and researchers are unable to produce any new crop by different biological methods.

                        Pakistan is facing problem in adequate supply of inputs like seeds, chemical fertilizer, pesticides, machinery, and credits. These all things fell short when required. It effects the yielding of the agriculture products. Beside all these problems water logging and salinity is main issue or threat to the agriculture sector. It has adversely effect the performance of agriculture lands. Farmers are facing problems while selling their agriculture products in the markets due the lack of transport facilities and intermediaries’ purchases crops from the farmer’s lands and they do not give the fair prices to the farmers and this price even do not compensate the actual cost of the farmers. Actually the middle man takes the advantage of farmer’s hard working due to which the farmers fad off the middleman system and minimize the productivity of crops.

                        Lack of agro-based industries is emerging problem in the agriculture sector of Pakistan. The agro-based industries like livestock, poultry, fisheries and dairy etc are limited. These industries depend on the agriculture product. If these industries are in abundance the demand of agricultural product will increase and consequently of agricultural crops as well. Another important problem is the lack transport facilities and infrastructure which is the big constrain of farmers to bring their agriculture product or crops in the main market. Ill planning in the agriculture sector creates many problems for the farmers in the productivity of crops.

                  Pesticides and chemicals rates in the market are very high and farmer could not effort these high prices pesticides due to which most part of their crops become the victim of insects and spoil the whole fields of crops.

                  Pakistan inherited feudalistic land tenure at the time of partition in 1947. About 7% of the land owners owned 53%of the total land. These land lords had little interst to cultivate all the land or to raise the productivity of their land. Need was felt to breakup the land assets and provide security of tenure to landless peasants. For this purpose different government have introduced t6he land reform in country like land reform proposals,  like land reform proposal of 1958,1959,1972 but in spite all these it did not bring any positive change for land period of time.

                    If the government of Pakistan take remedial steps to overcome theses problems in the agriculture sector. It may take boom in the agriculture sector due to which the government of Pakistan can earn a lot of foreign exchange and minimize the trade deficit of Pakistan. Agriculture sector compensate a reasonable part in the trade deficit of Pakistan if the government take the serious steps to eliminate these constraints in the development in the agriculture sector    

author ( muzammil hussain)

Organic hair colouring

Organic Hair Colouring

More and more people are integrating organic products into their lives. Not only are organic products less harsh to the environment, they are especially beneficial to our health.

Many people decide to colour their hair, whether to cover up grays or to try a new look. If you are visiting the salon on a regular basis, the chemicals in commercial hair dyes could be doing serious damage to your health.

Have you ever wondered what the effects of ammonia and peroxide are to your hair? Continual use of chemicals can wear down the outer coating of the hair, causing it to become brittle and break. The overall look to your hair is a shabby, unhealthy look.

Many allergic reactions have been linked to the use of hair colours. For colour to be effective the cuticle must be opened for colour to be deposited. This is most easily achieved with the use of chemicals.

It’s not just your hair that is damaged through using colours with harsh chemicals. Studies have shown the inhalation of ammonia and peroxide over long periods of time can be damaging to the respiratory system. Some hair colour contains PPD, which is behind most of the allergic reactions you get warned about on the side of the pack. Some hair colours even contain mercury and lead.

There is an alternative. Organic hair colour is available. Produced with natural ingredients, it colours your hair gently, giving you a great look without damaging your hair. These non toxic colours have been availbile for thirty years, but it is only recently that they have become stocked in more salons, making them more accessible to many people.

Organic Hair colours do have very small amounts of chemicals such as PPD and ammonia, about 20% of what the alternatives do. The effect on the health of your hair and your body is minimal compared to using other colours. Without a small amount of these chemicals it would be impossible to change the colour of the hair.

Many people believe that you cannot dye your hair when you are pregnant because of the chemicals in the dyes. It is safe to use organic dyes when you are pregnant, as the small trace amounts are not enough to effect the baby. Many people who have been treated for cancer also choose to use organic dyes because of the low chemical levels.

If you are at all concerned about your own health, as well as the health of the planet, organic hair colours are worth a try. Many consumers report the results are just as good as any mainstream or salon dyes. Give your body a break and give it a shot

Recycled plastic furniture

ReCycled Plastic Furniture

We, at C.S. Environmental Inc., are proud to introduce to you an innovative line of elegant site furnishings made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic through Environmental Inc. manufactures and supplies North America’s premier Outdoor Furniture. Featuring a wide range of Park Benches, Public Place Tables, Litter Receptacles, Recycling Containers and many more?€¦ in all shapes, sizes and colors to blend with the surroundings, C.S. Environmental Inc. has a unique and varied range of products catering to all budgets.

C.S. Environmental is one of the largest providers of outdoor furniture and other streetscape products. Our products are designed with esthetics and longevity in mind and do not require the use of chemicals to maintain the look and finish. Public Furniture is a website committed to marketing environment friendly products produced from recycled plastic in urban and space saving designs. These products are designed to last for generations, using the latest UltraPlast?„? recycled plastic and InfiniGuard?„? anti-corrosion technologies; they require little maintenance and are exceptionally resistant to weathering and provides commercial, government and institutional customers, complete solutions of beautiful, solid, ultra long-lasting site-furnishings that are designed for comfort and style while being environmentally friendly. All solutions are ready to ship in 4 weeks or offers the following feature rich products:Benches provides unique looking benches made from recycled plastic, comfortable for seating and resting. This category of site furniture is most suited to be used as park benches, to decorate or fill sidewalks as street furniture (for seating the elderly) or streetscapes, outdoor resting areas and heavy public areas. Usage of€™s recycled plastic benches as park benches, mall benches or public place result in greatly enhanced urban landscaping and wonderful sitecapes. These benches are durable, easy to install and come with an assurance of long lasting quality. These public place benches can be used along with picnic tables in outdoor areas to provide an aesthetic seating or casual eating arrangement. The bench designs available can also be used indoors to compliment your most demanding interior decorating needs.

A part of C.S. Environmental Inc.?€™s street furniture line.


Litter Receptacles from C.S. Environmental Inc. are a functional, long-lasting solution to providing effective waste disposal.These trash can also be used as great looking alternatives for planters (exterior furniture) in parks and businesses because of the aesthetic design, colors, shapes and designs they are offered in. These receptacles can be placed anywhere outdoors, they are easy to clean and install and can be used for site amenities. These litter containers are hygienic and reduce odor with a semi closed container, a very important factor in choosing a waste receptacle or a litter receptacle. They are best suited for sidewalks and heavy traffic areas in helping keep the environment clean. These features make them the perfect choice for tighter spaces and smaller budgets.

Another important product from C.S. Environmental Inc.?€™s street furniture range.

Picnic tables

Great looking product made in various colors, shapes and sizes. These picnic tables can be combined with benches and provide a great outdoor casual eating area or any other small group activities. In the past, picnic tables were traditionally made of wood, but today?€™s tables are made out of anything from recycled plastic to treated or brushed metal. Picnic tables as they are commonly called, are extremely weather proof and long lasting, making them hardy and usable for tougher applications as public place tables or courtyard accessories. offers stylish and comfortable seating/picnic tables made for families, friends, and other out door events. Another great product produced by the street furniture division of C.S. Environmental Inc.

Recycling ContainersA recycling bin is used to hold recyclable material, before the material is transferred to the recycling centers. Recycling bins from C.S. Environmental Inc. come in various sizes for use in homes, offices, and large public facilities. These recycling bins are designed to be easily recognized, and are sometimes marked with slogans that promote recycling on a blue or green background. Others as per request, are intentionally unobtrusive. CS Environmental Inc.?€™s recycling bins can be used for the very popular municipal curbside recycling programs, which frequently distribute the waste receptacles to encourage offers Heavy Duty, High Capacity, Fire Resistant multi sort recycling containers. They can be used to clean up office areas, apartment complexes, large community areas, sporting events, schools and picnic areas or even at home, with many recycling features.They are well suited for the outdoors, especially at parks, beaches and sidewalks.

Bike Racks

C.S. Environmental Inc. Bike racks are used mostly at workplaces, colleges and other places where regular congregations of people take place. provides bike racks in various shapes, sizes and colors to suit your design needs. The bicycle racks are exceptionally weather proof and provide space saving security to your bicycles.

An innovative design product from the house of C.S. Environmental Inc.

By designing visually appealing site furnishings made from recycled plastic, C.S Environmental Inc. and offer you exciting new opportunities to apply environmentally friendly products to your immediate surroundings.

C.S. Environmental Inc.Phone: 1-888-863-2888International: (905) 679-2444Fax: (905) 679-0144 Email: Online :

Revealed – china's import export success

Revealed – China's Import Export Success

It is pretty amazing how China has conquered the world with their various products. It seems that wherever you go, there is always a China product at hand. Many people may wonder about China’s export import success, but economic analysts have foreseen this way back before. Indeed, China’s success in its import export endeavors is overwhelming. Just recently, its exports soared 46% from a year earlier. This is a clear indication that China’s export endeavors is going no other way, but up.

China has not only invaded its neighboring regions in Asia, but the United States and Europe as well. The US standards and the European standards are known for its strict compliance, thus for products to be able to pass through these standards, quality must be assured. The recent increase in China’s exports is attributed to textiles, motorcycles, and televisions in addition to its existing top selling export products.

Some of the highest grossing exports of China include electrical machinery and equipment, apparel, iron and steel, footwear and accessories, optics and medical equipment, furniture, toy and games, power generation equipment, leather and travel goods, and plastics. Surprisingly, the United States is the top export destination of China. Other export destinations include Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, and Australia. Each of these countries patronizes a considerable amount of China goods and products.

On the other hand, China trades with other countries as well. In fact, the United States has a considerable amount of import products to China too. Topping the list of these imports from the United States is electrical machinery and equipment. Other imports include oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, power generation equipment, air and spacecraft, plastics, optics and medical equipment, pulp and paperboard, organic chemicals, and vehicles.

While the United States leads as China’s top export partner, China trades with other countries as well. Countries like Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, and Taiwan are among China’s top trading partners. These countries import and export goods and products to and from China.

Some of the largest imports of China come from Japan. The United States only comes fourth in China’s top import suppliers. Although there are still a lot of US products that are imported to China, South Korea and Taiwan have more. Import products from these countries are also used by China in manufacturing products that are sent out as exports also. Moreover, China also imports products from Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, and Germany. Correspondingly these imports come as commodity goods or as raw materials for China products. Thus, the trading that happens between China and these other countries are actually beneficial to all of them. Today, more countries are considering import export partnership with China.

Plastic spill pallets

Plastic Spill Pallets

If your business uses a lot of volatile chemicals or oils, then one of your main concerns as far as material handling goes is to reduce the possibility of spillages. Aside from the costs related to wasting important or expensive chemicals through spilling them across the floor, the major concern is that these chemicals can damage the surface of the floor, as well as creating a risk of injury to staff. Because accidents do happen, it is important to put as many safety measures such as spill pallets in place to minimize the risk of release when a barrel topples over.

A spill pallet is a slight modification of a standard pallet that is designed to contain any liquids that slosh out of a drum so that rather then ending up all over the floor; the liquid can be captured in a tank under the pallet. There are a number of different designs of spill pallets available that have been produced to be used under different circumstances, although they all work in roughly the same way.

One of the most important factors in the construction of spill pallets is the material that they are made from. In general, the pallets need to be made from a non reactive material such as a plastic. Mostly, the material of choice is polyethylene. This is lightweight enough to be carried well on the fork lift, and can resist damage from almost any liquid that might be spilled as it is being moved around.

Depending on the kind of materials that you are moving around in oil drums, you can choose different spill pallets with very different capacities for dealing with spillages. From pallets that can contain just 9 gallons of liquid through to much larger units that can cope with the contents of more than two full 55 gallon drums, and handle 120 gallons of spilled liquid.

The principal time when you will need a spill pallet is when drums are being moved around the workplace from one location to another. It is at this time, when the motion of the fork lift can cause a drum to topple over that it is most important to prevent spillage. Generally, it is not necessary to keep the drums stored on a spill pallet, as there is no need or justification for the additional cost in terms of a storage solution.

You can choose from spill pallets to carry between one and four drums. This means that whatever load you need to carry around the workplace, you will be able to move it in a way that protects your products as well as possible.

It is essential to clean the spill pallets regularly in order to be certain that if any liquids are spilled into them, the liquid can be simply recycled back into the drum and used for whatever purpose it is needed. With this fact in mind, it is clear that investing in a spill pallet for moving items around the building is an expense that can be recovered quickly in the event of a spillage. The reduced cost incurred by any accidents will quickly offset the expense of purchasing the equipment

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