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Rent-to-buy options for purchasing your home

Rent-To-Buy Options For Purchasing Your Home

Despite the recent vote-buying budget which saw Stamp Duty suspended for properties priced under 250.000, options for many people looking to buy their first home are still limited. The banks continue to display a lack of confidence in the UK housing market and this is reflected by their reticence to lend large percentage loans against house purchases.

This leaves first time buyers, or buyers who have little equity in their existing property, still looking to raise a large deposit towards their property purchase. Saving is the traditional way to make up the shortfall between what you have and what you need, but with the average house price in the UK now over 160.000, buyers could be looking at trying to find in excess of 40.000 to cover the deposit and associated costs, before they even start to look at properties.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Rent-to-buy schemes are being introduced throughout the country, to enable property purchasers to rent the property of their choice, with an option to buy after a fixed period. The properties included in these schemes are listed by private vendors and are attractive, freehold, residential properties offered on a full ownership basis, and not to be confused with any government shared-equity schemes.

The key advantage of a rent-to-buy scheme is that, as a potential homebuyer, you live in your selected property for a typical period of 3-5 years. During this time you are able to discover if it is the right property for you and, whilst doing that, the rent that you are paying counts towards (or is discounted against) the amount of deposit that you need should you decide to proceed with the purchase of the property. The ultimate purchase price of the property is determined before you move in, and this allows for additional equity growth during your rental period (should prices rise), which then facilitates better and cheaper mortgage options when you decide to buy.

The main categories of homebuyers that are already successfully involved in rent-to-buy schemes are;-

* Those who have found it difficult to raise the full amount of the deposit particularly in the Home Counties and South East of England where prices are way above the UK average.

* Families and individuals who were previously renting and saw that it made more financial sense to pay the same amount of money to own their own home.

* People who may have a poor credit rating, and have found it difficult in the past to get large LTV mortgages.

By investigating the current rent-to-buy opportunities in your area, you open the door to more accessible home ownership, and extend the options for buying your own home.

Online boutique shopping set-up

Online Boutique Shopping Set-Up

Moving your boutique business from product face to online sales is a great step.  Online shopping is more popular than ever.  Sometimes customers want to browse eclectic boutiques, but sometimes they just want to get online, find something unique, and have a package show up later.  Not only is online shopping convenient, but getting packages in the mail is very exciting to a lot of people and shopping web sites is a fun way to make it happen.

As a business owner, you should be aware that online shoppers are savvier than ever.  You can’t just set up a cute site with pictures and prices expecting people to be “wooed” by graphics.  Customers want to see that you are divulging as much information as possible.   Having clear and concise product descriptions will help you to gain the confidence of your shoppers.

Turning browsers into customers is your main focus when setting up your online shop.  Consider everything that a customer may want to ask about a product and provide that information up front.  Furthermore, determine what the customer might notice if they were physically touching the product and divulge that information as well.  Sizing guides, fabric content, product care information, measurements, weight and feel are all important aspects.

However, you should be careful not to make descriptions too wordy.  Be clear and concise.  Links or balloons that pop-up additional information can be helpful.  Customer reviews and product ratings are weighed heavily by consumers.  Commonly asked questions are good to include on your product page.  Anything that increases the customer’s confidence will help you turn a browser into a customer.  Things like advertising your “no hassle return policy”, live chat customer service, or special deals for customers that leave reviews will help you to get the customers involved and comfortable with your business.

Try to give the shopper an in-store experience through your web site.  Use decorations in your store to inspire your web designs to keep the same look and feel that they get while shopping in-store.  Use pictures that actually communicate the uniqueness of the garment to the customer.  360 degree views, extreme zooms, and virtual store shopping experiences are a plus.  A really great idea would be if a shopper could virtually look around the store, click on the clothing racks they were interested in and shop that <a href=””title=”Clothing Rack”>clothing rack</a>.  In boutiques, surprises should lurk around every corner, clothing racks should be filled with interesting items and displays, and shoppers should experience a feeling that they don’t get in any department store.  Capture this with your web shop and you’ll be golden.

Promotional items: emerging trends

Promotional Items: Emerging Trends

Interview any sales person and he will tell you, one of that one of the easiest ways of increasing the sales for the company is by building relationships with people – and you can do this by generously distributing corporate promotional gift items. Promotional gifts can play a major part in helping build these budding relationships in a number of different ways. However it’s pretty obvious that a number exciting new trends are new trends are being observed in the field of promotional items. Here are a few of them

1. A grand business Opening

Why wait to promote your company, several months after its launch. Promote it right at the start. The moment you launch your company target the local customers with a promotional gifts campaign. Gift them something practical, and not the same boring items like promotional pens.

2. Thanks for the Referral

So if you have been able to get a customer to refer your business to a friend or associate, make sure you thank him for the effort. As Corporate apparel is in vogue. You can thank him with a rugby sweatshirt that marks him as the ambassador of your company

3. On Reaching an elusive Landmark

Most company’s have earmarked special days that they set aside for the company. These days commemorate occasions of success for that company. For example a yearly picnic to celebrate the successful launch of a new product. By sending corporate items to both clients and employees you are saying “Thanks, we couldn’t have done it without your help”

4. encouraging employees

The easiest way of brining in more business is by encouraging your employees. A happy batch of inspired employees will happily sweat it out for your company, and will do so without begrudging even their free time. So promote the spirit in your organization by gifting your employees, attractive promotional items. It will help foster emotions of goodwill and will ensure your company’s interests remain right on top of the list of your employee’s goals.

5. Thanks for Your Order

If someone has made a big purchase from your company don’t just thank by sending a mail or a card. Travel that extra length and thank him/her with an exciting promotional item that will spur him/her to make bigger purchases from your company.

Now by logging onto, you too can surf through one of the biggest online vendors selling promotional items. ClickPromoGifts, has been heading the promotional items market of UK, ever since its inception. We have more than 8000 products displayed on our site. For more information, do visit us at

Maximizing your google adsense revenue

Maximizing Your Google Adsense Revenue

Copyright (c) 2010 Luie De Von

Are you using Google Adsense in your website? Does it generate sufficient revenue. If not, maybe you are not using the right techniques. It is very important to know the right ways of marketing your Adsense. To help you on this, below are tips on how you can maximize your Google Adsense revenue:

Watch your content’s quality. In order to drive more people to check your site, fresh and quality articles are needed. Great content keeps them coming back for more. A poor web content can really affect your goal to top in search engines and you will end up losing web traffic. If you don’t have time to write articles for your site regularly, it is advisable to hire a freelance writer to do it for you. You’ll soon find that it’s all worth paying for.

Use keywords wisely. Google Adsense keywords are all priced differently. You can find out the high-paying keywords by using the Google Keyword Finder tool. However, it’s important that your content matches those keywords. If not, these keyword ads will not be displayed on your site. However, be careful about writing for keywords. Make sure that you still use the keywords in right context in your article. Also, don’t force to write something out of topic you don’t know about just because you want to use the keyword. Always do your research when writing your articles.

Use the right Google ads format. Adsense comes in different ready-to-use format but the most popular one is the large rectangle. For many Adsense members, this is the most effective format that generates more hits. Feel free to try the format that works best with the lay out of your website.

Place your Adsense above. Many webmasters have found that the best placement of the ads is on top of the site where people don’t have to scroll down to see them. If you place the ads on the very bottom of the page, chances are, they might not even be noticed.

Use the right colors. Don’t make your Adsense appear as if they’re out of place. Choose a color palette that matches your website’s color and theme. Use font colors that are easy to read and not straining on the eyes.

Work on your web traffic. If people will not visit your site, who will click on your ads? Using Google Adsense isn’t just about sitting and relaxing. You need to focus on your web traffic. How? Learn the tricks about “white hat” Search Engine Optimization and be ready to spend time and effort to do it.

Focus on your target audience. This is why your ads need to match your content. If people are interested in the topic of your articles, they are more likely to have an interest on the Google Ads in your page. Of course, if people are interested in those keywords, you have better chances that they will actually click on your ads.

Need fast cash

Need Fast Cash? Don't Be Fooled

For people who need money quickly, payday loans are a great option. It’s unfortunate that many loan lenders can be scammers. Online lenders are no different than other loan businesses. It’s important you feel confident trusting them with your money. The bad economy provided opportunity for online loan sites to capitalize. Shady companies have seized the opportunities presented. In getting a loan, it’s important that your company is completely honest and open. Transparency includes knowing all fees upfront and when you have to repay. it’s important that you know all of your options. It’s also important to know your obligations early on. Learning about a special charge too late can put you in financial trouble. You should trust your lender to be honest and forthcoming. As online lenders increase, safety is also a top priority. Your money is important, so you want your lender to make an effort to protect it. Your money’s security is not guaranteed, but there are steps a lender can take to ensure that it reasonably is. A record of fair lending practices is an important characteristic of a lender. It’s not wise for a business to simply grant a loan to every person who applies. Misuse negatively affects the borrower and the lender. You certainly don’t want to further damage your credit history. Remember that incentives and grand claims could be too good to be true. Instead look for lenders that show they have significant experience and that have displayed a strong track record. It’s important to do a little studying online to look into the business of payday loan lenders. You can easily find information about online money lenders by doing a little research. Former and current customers are a useful resource to get the dirt on a lender. Good lenders are open to you if you look for them.

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