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New sleek gucci phone the latest versionof gucci-myluxphone

New Sleek Gucci Phone The Latest Versionof Gucci-Myluxphone

Gucci is a type of a phones that not everyone can afford. This could be photoshopped imitation designer cell phone, but the word on the street is a slim Gucci Phone is already available at the This new sleek Gucci Phone is the latest version of the Gucci brand. There is no question that it is not tres chic these photos legit, but if these Prada phone is facing some serious design competition. Somewhat recalls a RAZR, but the jam-packed reports that the innovative nature.

 As you can see for yourself, this is not an actual real reason to make sure you look like a 3D rendering. However, one can very easily imagine what the final product will look and behave, if you will not suffer much change compared to what we see in the pictures. The appliance is fitted in the same category as the LG Prada, Samsung F700 and the iPhone because of the lack of obvious mechanical interface, such as keyboard, joystick or something like that. I do not quite get what you see in the large cylinder, the bottom of the device should be: it could be a microphone, although it is large enough to act. But it could also be some kind of fabric keyboard is that they do not like to use the touch screen interface by the device (this is a very far fetched do not think you start to complain, I, as an active imagination, please).

Now this is one piece of bling tech that we could all do without – a Gucci Diamond phone from China that comes coated in gold, how apt for a handset! You get the Gucci emblem plastered on all sides, a 2.1? 16 million color QVGA display, an integrated FM radio, a 2 megapixel camera, and a microSD memory card slot. It comes in a (naturally) fake Gucci box as well as a certificate of authenticity – how ironic!

If I was to see this picture before Prada begun working with LG on the LG Prada handset, I wouldn’t have given it the slightest chance of being related to something that might get out on the mobile market. However, after we have all seen what a collaboration between a fashion house and a mobile phone manufacturer could produce, I’m not at all surprised to see such a photo that hints us about Gucci Gold mobile phone taking its first into the mobile world.



Online boutique shopping set-up

Online Boutique Shopping Set-Up

Moving your boutique business from product face to online sales is a great step.  Online shopping is more popular than ever.  Sometimes customers want to browse eclectic boutiques, but sometimes they just want to get online, find something unique, and have a package show up later.  Not only is online shopping convenient, but getting packages in the mail is very exciting to a lot of people and shopping web sites is a fun way to make it happen.

As a business owner, you should be aware that online shoppers are savvier than ever.  You can’t just set up a cute site with pictures and prices expecting people to be “wooed” by graphics.  Customers want to see that you are divulging as much information as possible.   Having clear and concise product descriptions will help you to gain the confidence of your shoppers.

Turning browsers into customers is your main focus when setting up your online shop.  Consider everything that a customer may want to ask about a product and provide that information up front.  Furthermore, determine what the customer might notice if they were physically touching the product and divulge that information as well.  Sizing guides, fabric content, product care information, measurements, weight and feel are all important aspects.

However, you should be careful not to make descriptions too wordy.  Be clear and concise.  Links or balloons that pop-up additional information can be helpful.  Customer reviews and product ratings are weighed heavily by consumers.  Commonly asked questions are good to include on your product page.  Anything that increases the customer’s confidence will help you turn a browser into a customer.  Things like advertising your “no hassle return policy”, live chat customer service, or special deals for customers that leave reviews will help you to get the customers involved and comfortable with your business.

Try to give the shopper an in-store experience through your web site.  Use decorations in your store to inspire your web designs to keep the same look and feel that they get while shopping in-store.  Use pictures that actually communicate the uniqueness of the garment to the customer.  360 degree views, extreme zooms, and virtual store shopping experiences are a plus.  A really great idea would be if a shopper could virtually look around the store, click on the clothing racks they were interested in and shop that <a href=””title=”Clothing Rack”>clothing rack</a>.  In boutiques, surprises should lurk around every corner, clothing racks should be filled with interesting items and displays, and shoppers should experience a feeling that they don’t get in any department store.  Capture this with your web shop and you’ll be golden.

Questions to ask before purchasing jewelry

Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Jewelry

Are you really ready to own jewelry? It doesn’t matter what kind of jewelry piece you have your mind set on, having and keeping jewelry is a matter of rewarding yourself or glamorizing some loved one. Wearing jewelry is a status symbol, so picking one will reflect on one’s taste, stature in life, and personal disposition. The first tip in buying is the most important. How much are you willing to pay for it? It makes it so much easier if you have already come up with an exact ceiling price of how far you want to go when buying an expensive piece of jewelry.

It doesn’t have to be expensive at all too. You can buy the fashionable pieces and still look chic and what’s more, when you choose to buy the less expensive one’s you can still buy multiple jewelries. Wouldn’t it be great to have the whole ensemble of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, gold watch or pendant rather than opting for one very expensive and highly priced ornament? It all depends on choices and priorities, some people cite practicality over insanity when buying jewelry.

First timers however take a roller coaster ride when they first step into a jewelry store. Why? With so much assortment to choose from who can blame them? They are hesitant to explain to the staff their inexperience and usually just breeze through nervously, fidgeting and sometimes making the wrong choice. A good way for first timers would be to start with caution. Do a little reading, because whether you like it or not there will be some care needed to maintain that expensive jewelry that you are about to buy. Use the internet to surf for reliable jewelry sources, ask friends opinions on brand names and other pertinent info.

In buying jewelry, try to identify the need. Ask why are you buying that watch or ring? What kinds of options are available on that ring? Or are you buying from a reputable source? Arming oneself with knowledge about expensive jewelry is always a must when shopping for these items. The jewelry and the store where you are going to buy it must stand the test of time.

Can you be trusted to own such an expensive piece of jewelry? It takes great responsibility to own a diamond ring that might cost you half of someone’s annual income. Will you be able to keep it safe from thieves? Are you going to buy insurance for it?

Stores that have websites offer a lot of assistance to would be shoppers and they can look at the merchandise in private without worry or pressure from the staff. Perusing a website and using it to get information about the products will empower the consumer to part willingly with his money after identifying the pros and cons. Asking yourself this questions will lead to a more pleasurable purchase, the jewelry items comes with a price, it is just practical that you give careful thought before you send over the bill.

Pros and cons for pacific poker

Pros and Cons for Pacific Poker

Pacific Poker has experienced a tremendous growth in popularity recently. A large number of players find this room interesting, in spite of the rather sub-standard software that Pacific Poker has. Although many players may consider the poor software a drawback, Pacific Poker is still appreciated. The soft games are one of the reasons for this appreciation. Those who wish to win money will find Pacific Poker a real gold mine, as it has some of the easiest games, which give players the possibility to win some rather than lose some. This feature also goes for tables with higher stakes, of around $20, for instance. However, the fact that players don’t have the possibility to play on multiple tables and the software is not very attractive may make experienced players turn to other rooms.

A good point for Pacific Poker is that it offers a good variety of games, which include Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, and tournaments. Players who choose Pacific Poker are mostly interested in Texas Hold’em, and those are the tables where most of the traffic is, as these games are great. There are stake limits, but they vary from micro to high, so players can bet the amount they wish.

Other pros for Pacific Poker include that good promotions that players can benefit from, and soft competition. The weak points for Pacific Poker, other than poor software and lack of multi-table support, include lagging at times and slow telephone support. However, players are usually provided with fast e-mail support.

Some of the special features of Pacific Poker include the special bet bonus, hot keys for check, raise and fold, as well as the graphical hand replay function.

Although recent updates have contributed significantly to the software improvement for Pacific Poker, this poker room is still referred to as the room with the worst poker players, which was in fact due to the rather poor software.

Reviews of Pacific Poker state that the players will not be able to feel the thrills of a good poker game, as the game quality suffers, because most players at Pacific Poker are not interested in serious game play.

However, players can earn points and prizes by entering the numerous promotional tournaments offered by Pacific Poker, and a credit of 25% bonus is automatically allowed once the player starts the game at the site, which is unique at Pacific Poker.

As opposed to US citizens, who are still not completely clear whether playing poker online is legal, European citizens can do so with no worries in mind. However, there is one condition, the European gambling license that the poker room has to be operating with. Should the poker room not operate under such an European gambling license, the players may find that their earnings are not free of tax.

European citizens have the advantage of being able to play online poker legally, mostly due to the more relaxed European gambling laws.

Americans can still play online poker without fearing that it could be illegal, as long as it is from outside the United States, and many of them will find Pacific Poker a real gold mine.

For more info about pacific poker and especially about European Gambling please visit this website

Process of list building via ppc

Process of List Building Via PPC !

Pay-per-click is something you should know about. Pay-per-click i’snt something you absolutely have to know about immediately, but it’s definitely something you should learn. But how do list building and PPC work together?

Starting your list building strategy with co-reg and JV deals are really the quickest, best, and least expensive ways that take the least amount of brain power for automatic list building. Youre really looking to build your list to several thousand as quickly as you can.

These two techniques will help you to do that. You can go and pick up Perry Marshalls book at For more details go to It will teach you everything you need to know about how to get your first pay-per-click campaign started. He’s the expert and I wouldn’t deviate much from what he tells you.

But I can tell you how to build a list through pay-per-click.

I don’t care what kind of site you have, the front page of that site, where your domain sits, you need to drive traffic to a list building squeeze page. You need some kind of image (people are best), some text (bullet points work well), and you need an opt-in box.

Opt-in boxes can be pretty simple. You get the code for this through your autoresponder. Give customers a lead in to the form, like: “Just type your first name and email address below:” works fine, or something similar to that. Or, you could get a bit more creative: “Fill in this form to receive your free copy of” You can do this any way you want. And, you can generally complete this step right in the autoresponder program.

The next thing is the opt-in box. If you want a bigger list, if you want your list building to be more powerful, ask only for people’s first names and their email addresses. You don’t need to collect the other information, until they buy something from you, right?

You can collect that other information from list members through your payment processor when they become buyers. People don’t mind giving more information when it comes to finances, usually. Payment processors, like banks, are often what people consider to be “trusted” sources.

But back to the opt-in box It’s also best to put name first, then email. I know that at AWeber, the form comes out the other way around, unless you change the sequence, so be sure to do that.

Then, and this is a very important part, whether it seems like a big deal or not. Change the wording on the bar that usually says, “Submit.” For more details go to That won’t get anyone to click. But, if you change the wording to read something like: “Free Instant Access,” just like on MyFirstList, that converts better. Use anything you like.

Then use some bullet points–about five, where you can sell the benefits of the site, which are your list building draws. You notice I wrote “benefits,” not features. Why should people want to learn more about your product? Get your newsletter? Read your ebook? What’s in it for them? Why should they give you their information and sign up for your list? If you tell them why they need to join your list in bullet points, great. If not, use a paragraph, but don’t put much more than that on a page. Keep it short and simple.

Be sure to make your sales page the thank you page in your autoresponder so that people go from list building page to sales page directly.

When your list building squeeze page is built, you add it to your web host, then you go to Google, Overture, Kanoodle, or another PPC site, and place your ad. I’ll let Perry Marshall do the talking. It’s a very smart investment, if you’re serious about online business. But use your campaign to advertise your list building page and drive traffic to it. It’s a very efficient list building strategy.

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