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Q&a: christian kaufmann, unilever

Q&A: Christian Kaufmann, Unilever

A few years ago, Unilever Europe embarked on one of the largest outsourcing deals in European business history, as part of the transformative One Unilever programme. Following his presentation at the 7th Annual Finance & Accounting Transformation & Shared Services conference in London, we spoke with Christian Kaufmann, MD Finance Business Services, about the impact this transformation has had on his organisation – and his tips for maximising the benefits of outsourcing.

SSON: Christian, Unilever’s been on a prolonged and significant transformation process over the last few years. Can you tell us a little about this?

Christian Kaufmann: We have been on an incredible journey since around 2005, when we internally announced the One Unilever programme aimed at streamlining our business to be more competitive. And one of the key elements of this has been to implement financial shared services with an outsourcing provider. We are now at the stage where we can say “let’s get the benefits out of that” – where we have now harmonised processes to a great extent across Europe.

SSON: That outsourcing deal is one of the biggest in Europe’s history, isn’t it?

CK: It is, I believe – so I’m always told! It affects various processes in Finance to a great extent – purchase-to-pay, travel expenses, record-to-report, bill-to-cash – and it affects around 800 people.

SSON: And you’ve said that this has resulted in great efficiency gains – can you tell us exactly what you’ve gained from this transformation?

CK: To put it simply: alongside the implementation of a single-instance ERP system, which happened at the same time, we have now managed to get new harmonised tools in place which we have worked with our service provider. We believe we now have access to the best technology which we wouldn’t, quite frankly, have had access to before. So that’s one element. The second element is simply that you get a better approach in service delivery; you can beef up the qualities of your delivery on a more harmonised level, whereas it was quite frankly of very varying quality before. And then obviously we’ve moved to a lower cost-base.

SSON: To give readers some idea of the scale of the transformation, how many regional offices have been absorbed into the One Unilever programme?

CK: Within the One Unilever programme itself… it has been around 25 countries, and within each country we had at least three units, so let’s say 80 units. We had three different divisions of business; each of them was quite proud to have its own ERP system, and – guess what – more or less each country managed to have its own customised version, so at the end we believe we had 18 different ERP systems. And we managed to have so many variants of the processes that they numbered in the hundreds.

So we had a very, very diverse situation which we confronted at the beginning of 2005. And that has now actually changed dramatically, because now we have only, let’s say, one process for each of those I mentioned earlier – like purchase-to-pay, the way we do general ledger, reporting, how we do travel and expenses, fixed assets, and also bill-to-cash. I think for a fast-moving consumer company such as ours that’s a great achievement and we’re very proud of it.

SSON: You recently presented at the 7th Annual Finance & Accounting Transformation & Shared Services event in London, and as part of your presentation you were speaking on the importance of clear and robust governance, and of good communication with an outsource provider. Let’s look at the governance issue first: why is that so important?

CK: I believe governance is important because, as I always say, it has to work on good and bad days. So when you talk to your provider you have to have as robust a relationship as possible which will take you through the ups and downs – especially the downs, obviously! Because there will be issues, and you have to manage those issues, as you have to manage them internally as well on a day-to-day basis. Operational issues are hitting you left, right and centre at some point; at other times it’s more quiet.

We had – at the time when we decided on our outsourcing provider, IBM – decided to go for a cooperative style. We spent some time, deliberately, on what type of relationship we wanted to build, and we said that, well, we didn’t want to have a shared P&L at the end of the day, but we wanted to get very close in the way that we would jointly solve issues, and that we would jointly take ownership of issues even if they would hit one party harder than the other one. So I think we learnt from other regions where we had also outsourced, within our own organisation, and from listening to a lot of other companies as well, that this is quite fundamental. So we have moved away – I think successfully – from normal customer-client behaviour towards a partnership.

SSON: You said “keep regular meetings going even during the good times when it might seem there’s nothing to meet about”; how important are those meetings, and keeping the relationship going even when things are going well?

CK: I think it’s really crucial. There’s always a tendency – especially now in times of economic crisis – to see everything else as more important than your basic processes; but if you can’t find the five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour, whatever it takes, to link up with your service provider – who’s actually managing quite big parts of your processes – and just ask “how’s it going?”, if you’re not careful, issues will creep up and they will not be resolved, because people will see them as not being urgent enough and so on.

You have to work continuously on the issues as well as on the partnership; I believe you can have lovely PowerPoint slides telling you all about governance but at the end of the day it comes back to the people who have to deal with things, and they need to talk to each other. I strongly believe you can’t substitute this through email or other means; you HAVE to talk to each other. And you have to do it at the lowest possible level; you can’t always do it at the top level because you have to get the teams who actually have to do the job talking to each other.

SSON: You mentioned the financial crisis there, so let’s finish on that topic. Obviously times are getting tougher for companies around the world; often companies that don’t have Unilever’s scale and resources are struggling particularly. What quick wins might you recommend for practitioners going into troubled times without much light at the end of the tunnel?

CK: There’s no simple recipe as such and I can’t speak for other businesses; but I think people need to look at their processes and find out where the leakages are. Some of them may have inefficient processes and the cost of the transaction may be simply too high, so they have to think how they can resolve that. There are options there. They don’t necessarily have to go through an outsourcing provider, as we have chosen; you may find a different solution in-house. It depends really on the type of business, on the culture, and on the current set-up of the infrastructure.

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Retail ready packaging news

Retail Ready Packaging News

Retail Ready Packaging

Retail Ready Packaging, just like it’s name describes packing that is strong enough to transport retail goods but also attractive enough to be displayed for customer use. Recently retail ready packaging has been in the news because of the number benefits that it offers.

Retail Ready Packaging Benefits

The main benefit of retail ready packaging is that it saves shelf space by serving as both a transport vessel and as a attractive display. Material costs are reduced because retail ready packaging does not use pallets or boxes in the shipment of the goods. Labor costs are saved because there is no need for unpacking and then stocking of shelves. Space is saved because the package doubles as an attractive display.

Retail Ready Packaging Customer Perception

Today’s customers are very intuitive when it comes to packaging. Produce that is being sold directly from retail ready packaging gives off the illusion that it just arrived. Customer’s also understand that retail ready packaging usually means that the product has come directly from the manufacturer, therefore they are most likely to receive the best possible prices.

Retail Ready Packaging in the News

In the United Kingdom a non profit consumer group has identified retail ready packaging as the solution to a $5.4US billion problem of on-shelf availability. They have identified retail ready packaging as the solution for this problem. Not only will it help alleviate on-shelf availability, retail ready packing will better protect goods during transport reducing the number of wasted and unusable products.

This groups goals for retail ready packaging is according to them: “Retail Ready Packaging seeks to radically improve on-shelf availability and involves the total redesign of the outer packaging to smooth the product’s journey from stockroom onto the shelf and into the shopper’s basket.”

To learn more about retail ready packaging please contact

Metro atlanta commercial real estate resources

Metro Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Resources

If you have always wanted to know more about this topic, then get ready because we have all the information you can handle.

In nowadays’s world, it seems that almost any subject is open for dispute. While I was gathering explicits for this clause, I was extremely shocked to find some of the issues I thought were whole are actually still being openly discussed.

The city of Atlanta, Georgia is considered by many to be an belief place to boost a family. It is not a city crammed with streets, houses, and subdivisions, but very a place that comes active with neighborhoods, homes, and communities. An important difference! Known for great rolling, forested hills that surround the city lakes, parks, and rivers, the city of Atlanta blends yesterday and nowadays with thrilled life and activity. Industries and enterprises blossom in Atlanta, because it is known as one of the world’s main transportation hubs.

Purchasing land in Atlanta can be extremely a feat. Fortunately, there are many companies and brokers keen to help you find the great quantity of Atlanta real estate. Agents are prepared and able to proposal army for those looking for portals to obtain real estate. If you are one of those people interested in result the right Atlanta real estate land, or if you have quantity of Atlanta real estate to retail, submit to the next outline of great and notable online land web sites.

As we take the journey through the final part of this article, you can look back at the first part if you need any clarifications on what we have already learned.

Metro Atlanta was made known not only for its sensationful trends in other subjects of concern and other communal stuffs, but also for the introduction and surfacing of so many Metro Atlanta commercial real estate that terribly shape the lives of the people. This actuality is due to the sense that the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate became one of the most amply psubmitred subjects for living.

With such verity about the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate and what it has done to the people, the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate commerce undoubtedly reached to the indicate of commonity and as such many functioning and sensationful Metro Atlanta commercial real estate companies have contributed a great part to the sensation and fame of the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate commerce.

Those of you not friendly with the hottest on Metro Atlanta Commercial authentic Estate now have at slightest a important understanding. But there’s more to come.

For particular allusion, one of the common and commonly worn Metro Atlanta commercial real estate stores is the Metro Atlanta Chamber of selling. This Metro Atlanta commercial real estate store was made common for the sense that this Metro Atlanta commercial real estate store grants whole and comprehensive information about the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate commerce and the other valuable Metro Atlanta commercial real estate stores online. Being a common and commonly worn Metro Atlanta commercial real estate store, this particular Metro Atlanta commercial real estate fund of information has 4,000 portion companies that collectively employ more than 700,000 personnel industry for Metro Atlanta commercial real estate stuffs. In addition, this Metro Atlanta commercial real estate fund of information is considered to be a vehicle for a alive Metro Atlanta commercial real estate subject and other regions.

For expand information, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of selling as being renowned for its army proposaled about the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate usually focuses on the issues that stuff most to the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate concern society, improving the worth of life for the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate, promoting monetary lump, and even making Metro Atlanta commercial real estate variety name. Along with that, it is renowned that the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate development extends external in all directions. This explanation about the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate development means an improvement in Metro Atlanta commercial real estate from the chief concern borough. It is actually accurate that result a Metro Atlanta commercial real estate land requires thorough inquiries. So for that, the staffs of this particular Metro Atlanta commercial real estate store use a comprehensive Metro Atlanta commercial real estate folder to grant the numerous Metro Atlanta commercial real estate companies with a customizes testify of Metro Atlanta commercial real estate properties to endure the companies requirements.

So as one of the best Metro Atlanta commercial real estate stores, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of selling grants types of buildings such as bureau, loosen, industrial or warehouse, and retail for the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate companies additional equipment. remark from that, this explicit Metro Atlanta commercial real estate fund of information and army also grant additional army for Metro Atlanta commercial real estate companies which importantally involve the clear recording, rent charge, ceiling height, rail help, and proximity of airport.

So if you want to find some additional stores about the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate, this place if the best for your Metro Atlanta commercial real estate wishes.

The day will come when you can use something you read about here to have a beneficial bearing. Then you’ll be thankful you took the time to learn more about Metro Atlanta Commercial authentic Estate.

We hope that you have found this article interesting and eye catching to say the least. Its objective is to entertain and inform.

Obtaining financial independence online

Obtaining Financial Independence Online

Part I: Gearing Up to Work at Home

Note: In part one of our three-part “obtaining financial independence” series, we’ll explore three ideal ways to gear up to work at a home business.

It is absolutely possible to obtain financial independence and professional freedom by working in a home business. However, it’s important that before beginning your online business you prepare yourself and your surroundings for the work at home adventure.

1. Pick a Place to Work

Working from a home office sounds like fun, but it’s often difficult to figure out where your personal life begins and your work life ends. Thus, it’s critical as part of your work at home journey that you set up a specific area of your residence to be devoted 99.9% to work.

This can be a corner of your living room, an extra bedroom, or even a transformed walk-in closet. Equip your home business with a computer desk (always necessary, especially if you’re launching an online business), ergonomically-safe chair, and plenty of good lighting. You may also need to install a phone line or data line.

2. Get Your Head “In the Game”

If this is your first foray into the work at home world, you have to make sure you’re personally ready.

Many individuals who work at home choose to get up at a certain time each day, as if they are leaving for offsite work. Even those folks who operate online business companies (and who rarely meet with clients or colleagues) can find this technique helpful. After all, if you’re in your pajamas, it can be tough to feel like buckling down.

3. Have Support

Finally, it’s critical that you have the financial and emotional support of your family and friends. If you do not, operating a successful home business can be maddening (and may be destined to fail in the long run). You don’t have to explicitly ask your loved ones to sign a formal document stating they’ll stand by your work at home venture, but do make certain that they understand how important this is to you.

Next in our three part series, we’ll look at how to launch your online business with ease.

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