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Organise your party as a professional

Organise your party as a professional

Party planning is not so difficult, whether you are going to organize a private or a corporate party. You should only have some planning and implementation capabilities. To start, first you must understand the concept or theme of party you are going to organize. Preparation of the party should reflect its theme. So, its very important that you understand the nature of your theme.

There can be different party themes based on the occasion and requirements. Like party can be any private party, religious party, corporate or organizational level party. You can wide your ideas based on its theme like new year party, Christmas party, kitty party, get-together party, dance party, disco party, corporate party, private party, DJ Night, ramp show, fashion show, annual day function, any private or public seminar, anniversary party, holiday party, rain dance party, school/college functions and many other events.

To organize best you should keep in mind each and every aspect for the party. Like how many people are about to come in the party. Whether the party is in day time or it’s a night event. Decision about venue should be as per function time and based on number of persons to come in the party. Hall for the party should be specious for all the coming visitors and most important is entrance should have a good space and should be decorated beautifully with nice flowers and other decorations.

After venue and decorations next comes food for the party. Menu should be decided based on the choice of visitors or quests. Like mostly what do they like. Items can be a mix of Thai food, Chinese food, Indian food and some other. A little refreshment is also required with some cold drinks etc.

If your party or event is on some big level or you don’t have enough time for all the arrangements, you can also hire any party planner. A party planner provides you best services and suggestions based the theme of your party. He can give you different choices for venue and foods. And then you can choose the services from them based on your requirement and budget.

Restaurant service training – teach the host how to greet the customers properly

Restaurant Service Training – Teach The Host How To Greet The Customers Properly

A moment of truth is an opportunity whereby a customer forms either a good impression or a bad impression about the restaurant service quality. Millions upon millions of “moments of truth” occur out there in the restaurant customer service world, but the successful businesses register the highest percentage rate of good impressions. It means everything to their image and reputation.

The host is such an important part of the “dining room service experience” as he or she is the first person the customer sees and the last person the customer says goodbye. First impressions are lasting impressions.Therefore, the host must dress nicely being neat and clean. The host must always be upbeat, friendly, and helpful to customers. the true purpose of guest seating is to make “every table seem like the best table in the restaurant!”

The telephone must be courteously answered stating the restaurant’s name and asking, “May I help you?” Whenever taking a dining reservation, one must politely ask for the name and the number of people in the party, date and time of the reservation, and the contact telephone number. Also, special requests should be noted, such as birthday guests, high chairs, customer food allergies, or the need to be seated at a specific table or location in the restaurant (for example, far from the window on a cold night; close to the window on a beautiful day). This information must then be recorded in a Reservation Journal that eventually will be transferred onto the Daily Reservation Sheet.

During busy hours, the customers waiting for an open table in the lobby or sitting at the bar can be offered menus to pass the time. In some restaurants, hors d’oeuvres are served to customers who have been waiting a long time for an open table. All ways and means must be exhausted to prevent customers from leaving to dine at another establishment-even if it means offering some complimentary items.

If the host is not busy seating customers, they can purvey the dining room for customers in need of service and relay such information to the waitstaff. This is up to the discretion of the host, for they should never stray too far from the Front Door.

So you see, the host who does the greeting at the front door is extremely important as the reputation and the bottom line are affected by the host’s restaurant customer service performance.

Phone repair services- getting the phone repaired without any hassles

Phone repair services- Getting the phone repaired without any hassles

In this technology driven world, mobile phones have become a necessity.  We cannot live without mobile phones that have become an indispensable source of staying in touch with each other. Our world seems incomplete without the mobile phones. Mobile repairs are made easy with efficient services provided by the mobile stores. No matter what problem is bothering your phone, you can always avail the services of the phone repairs conveniently.

There are various kinds of phone repair services available for individuals, retail store owners, network operators, insurers and manufacturers. You can easily get services for Nokia screen repair, software up gradation, phone unlocking without any hassles from an authorised repair centre. You can get premium services at affordable rates by getting in touch with legitimate mobile repair service provider. The focused services help you get your phone come alive again. Efficient and friendly client servicing help the mobile users get their phone repaired.

Phone unlocking services are also made available for your convenience. If your phone has been locked accidentally, you can get the fine services for getting your phone unlocked again. So, if you want to use the phone by some other simcard or want to use the phone in a foreign country, you can get the phone unlocked without even invalidating warranty a lot of times. One can easily get the free quotes for getting the phone unlocked.

The rates and quality services make it easy for you to avail the unlock services for your phone. Software updating services are also provided by the companies who are into mobile repairs. The repair solutions are tailored according to the needs of retail users, wholesalers and distribution users. Complete reprogramming is provided by the phone repair services.

A lot of other services are also a part of mobile phone repairs. Efficient logistics and engineers provide the companies with services that meet your requirements well. The staff of the repair centres has a highly trained staff that can look after the repairs needs skilfully. You can get the language changes of your phone done by these repair service providers.

You can get a variety of choices for selection for your handset menu. The phone language can be changed with the help of the mobile repair services providers as per you needs at affordable prices. You can get the handset menu in the language you are most comfortable in by getting in touch with these providers.

The 24 hour services by the proficient staff of the mobile repair companies make it easy for you to get your mobile fixed in no time. If you buy the phone from these centres then the small faults in the phone are looked after the company without any hassles. If the phone is not purchased from these service providers but still has warranty, you can avail the services for mobile repair.

The insurers can also make use of the beneficial services by these companies. These companies arrange the reports that have all the issue details for making comparisons, so that insurer can get avoid getting in trap of fraudulent underwriters.

Palm sized point and shoot 5mp digicam

Palm Sized Point And Shoot 5Mp Digicam

Palm Sized Point and Shoot 5MP Digicam

Main functions: Digital Camera; still pictures and video Camera Color: Metallic Silver LCD screen: 2 Inch TFT Storage media: Internal: 32MB External: SD/MMC Card (2GB Max)

China Manufacturer Specifications

Main functions: Digital Camera; still pictures and video
Camera Color: Metallic Silver
LCD screen: 2 Inch TFT
Storage media:
Internal: 32MB
External: SD/MMC Card (2GB Max)
Still Image: JPEG
Video: AVI
Shutter: 1/10 ~ 1/1000 sec
Imaging sensor: Auto
Aperture: F=3.0
Focus range:
– Normal: 1.2M to infinity
– Macro: 50cm to 1.2M
Imaging sensor: Auto
Power supply: x2 AAA batteries (not included)
PC interface: USB
Languages – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (Simplified)
Auto OFF: YES – 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute, none
Banding: YES – 50Hz or 60HZ
USB Connection Options: PC Cam, Disk Drive, Printer
System: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista (32 bit version only)
Dimension: 88mm x 57mm x 23mm (W x H x D)
Manufacturer Ref.: RH995QMY93QR
Catalog Ref.: Digital Camera, Digicam, PC Web Camera, Pocket Digital Camera and Camcorder

Still Camera:
– Resolution: 12MP/8MP (Interpolation), 5MP (Native), 3MP, 2MP. 1.3MP, VGA (.3MP)
– Image Quality (compression): Fine, Standard, Economy
– Zoom: x4 Digital
– Self timer: YES – 10 seconds, 15 seconds, OFF
– Flash: Auto, Force, OFF
– Scene Modes: Portrait, Landscape, Night, Sport, Backlight, Auto
– EV: +2 to -2 (in 1/3 steps)
– White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent
– ISO: Auto, 100, 200
– Sharpness: Hard, Normal, Soft
– Time Stamp: YES – OFF or ON option
– Preview: YES – OFF or ON option
– Burst: YES – OFF or ON option
– Other Effects: Color, Saturation
Video Camera:
– Resolution: VGA – 640×480, QVGA – 320×240
– Zoom: x4 Digital
– EV: +2 to -2 (in 1/3 steps)
– White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent
Camera Control Buttons:
– ON/OFF button
– Shutter/OK button
– Zoom rocker
– Macro switch
– Navigation up/down/left/right
– Menu
– Flash
– Mini-USB Slot
– Tripod Stand Slot
– Strap Eyelit
Other Features:

PC camera mode – resolution can be either VGA (640×480) or QVGA (320×240)
Scene modes including portrait and landscape shots
Sequence Shot: 3 Shot Burst in 2 Seconds
PictBridge Compatible – print directly to your printer
We recommend the use of rechargeable AAA batteries
Package Contents:

Model CVSE-712-Silver Digital Camera
Mini-USB to USB cable
Wrist Strap
Camera Pouch
Software CD

wholesale Palm Sized Point and Shoot 5MP Digicam


Most common type of laminator: pouch laminators

Most Common type of Laminator: Pouch Laminators

Pouch machines are the most common types of equipment found in the office or the home. Depending on the machine, they can laminate projects from a small identification card up to an 11X 17 sheet. They use V shaped pouches. The document is placed in the center of the V and is fed into the machine. The rollers are used for heating the laminate and adhering the film to the document.  There are a few benefits to pouch machines. They are the easiest of all machines to use and are a great first laminating machine for most people.  They are also the least expensive of all equipment.  Pouches are inexpensive and the easiest way to make your documents water proof.

How they work: Pouch laminators use a lamination pouch that is sealed on one side.  When a document is placed inside and run through the pouch lamination machine, the heat activates a film inside that adheres to the document being laminated.  If you’re laminating heat-sensitive items, you may want to invest in a cold pouch laminator.  This type of laminator use pressure to directly apply adhesive to seal the enclosed materials.

Why use a pouch laminator?  Plain and simple, pouch laminators easily preserve and protect documents and are relatively inexpensive.  Typical applications include menus, book covers, business cards, identification cards, scrapbooking, and more.  Because pouch laminators come in a variety of sizes, it’s easy to find the best pouch laminator that works for your needs.

When considering which is the best pouch laminator for your home or office, be sure to consider the quality of the machine, but also know that the results you wish to achieve are dependent on the quality of the pouch laminator supplies that you purchase.  Laminated pouches and film are often sold with different types of corners and variable thicknesses which are usually measured in micrometers (or MIC).  The most common laminating pouches use 80-250 MIC pouches.  Generally speaking, the thicker micrometer of the pouch, the more expensive is the materials.  When purchasing thicker film, be sure that your laminating machine can generate enough heat to laminate the item. 

For more information on choosing the best pouch laminator for your business, visit

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