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Organise your party as a professional

Organise your party as a professional

Party planning is not so difficult, whether you are going to organize a private or a corporate party. You should only have some planning and implementation capabilities. To start, first you must understand the concept or theme of party you are going to organize. Preparation of the party should reflect its theme. So, its very important that you understand the nature of your theme.

There can be different party themes based on the occasion and requirements. Like party can be any private party, religious party, corporate or organizational level party. You can wide your ideas based on its theme like new year party, Christmas party, kitty party, get-together party, dance party, disco party, corporate party, private party, DJ Night, ramp show, fashion show, annual day function, any private or public seminar, anniversary party, holiday party, rain dance party, school/college functions and many other events.

To organize best you should keep in mind each and every aspect for the party. Like how many people are about to come in the party. Whether the party is in day time or it’s a night event. Decision about venue should be as per function time and based on number of persons to come in the party. Hall for the party should be specious for all the coming visitors and most important is entrance should have a good space and should be decorated beautifully with nice flowers and other decorations.

After venue and decorations next comes food for the party. Menu should be decided based on the choice of visitors or quests. Like mostly what do they like. Items can be a mix of Thai food, Chinese food, Indian food and some other. A little refreshment is also required with some cold drinks etc.

If your party or event is on some big level or you don’t have enough time for all the arrangements, you can also hire any party planner. A party planner provides you best services and suggestions based the theme of your party. He can give you different choices for venue and foods. And then you can choose the services from them based on your requirement and budget.

Restaurant service training – teach the host how to greet the customers properly

Restaurant Service Training – Teach The Host How To Greet The Customers Properly

A moment of truth is an opportunity whereby a customer forms either a good impression or a bad impression about the restaurant service quality. Millions upon millions of “moments of truth” occur out there in the restaurant customer service world, but the successful businesses register the highest percentage rate of good impressions. It means everything to their image and reputation.

The host is such an important part of the “dining room service experience” as he or she is the first person the customer sees and the last person the customer says goodbye. First impressions are lasting impressions.Therefore, the host must dress nicely being neat and clean. The host must always be upbeat, friendly, and helpful to customers. the true purpose of guest seating is to make “every table seem like the best table in the restaurant!”

The telephone must be courteously answered stating the restaurant’s name and asking, “May I help you?” Whenever taking a dining reservation, one must politely ask for the name and the number of people in the party, date and time of the reservation, and the contact telephone number. Also, special requests should be noted, such as birthday guests, high chairs, customer food allergies, or the need to be seated at a specific table or location in the restaurant (for example, far from the window on a cold night; close to the window on a beautiful day). This information must then be recorded in a Reservation Journal that eventually will be transferred onto the Daily Reservation Sheet.

During busy hours, the customers waiting for an open table in the lobby or sitting at the bar can be offered menus to pass the time. In some restaurants, hors d’oeuvres are served to customers who have been waiting a long time for an open table. All ways and means must be exhausted to prevent customers from leaving to dine at another establishment-even if it means offering some complimentary items.

If the host is not busy seating customers, they can purvey the dining room for customers in need of service and relay such information to the waitstaff. This is up to the discretion of the host, for they should never stray too far from the Front Door.

So you see, the host who does the greeting at the front door is extremely important as the reputation and the bottom line are affected by the host’s restaurant customer service performance.

Patent law firm in india:-patent registration services with indian patent attorney s

Patent Law Firm in India:-Patent Registration Services with Indian Patent Attorney S

Indian Patent law gives exlusive rights for the one who owns any of the intellectual properties like copyright, trademark and patent etc. The patent law is different for different jurisdiction.Domain name disputes, Spam, identity thefts, and Commercial e-mails are very common on internet. There are internet lawyers who know the internet law who could help youin solving such disputes. Basically, Patent Law Firm in India helps inventors or organizations in applying for patents and helping clients to know about their patent rights. Therefore a law firm which focuses on patent related issues is called a patent law firm. A patent law firm would have patent attorney to help and advice their clients in getting patents. An industrial design would add commercial value to product. There are several design law firms which are aware of all the design laws.
Trademark registration protects the goodwill of a business and also helps to identify and distinguish the source of the services or goods of one party from those of others. Trademark registration is an evidence of ownership of the trademark and also constructive discern nationwide are issued of the trademark owner’s claim. Trademark registration in India can also be used as a foundation for obtaining registration in foreign countries. A law firm which focuses on specialties like trademark law and provides trademark services to their clients is called a trademark law firm in India. A design firm provides sevices like Web designing, Logo Designing etc. Different Countries have made laws to utilize and protect designs and encourage creation of design.
There are several Patent Law Firms India worldwide which practice patent law. A law firm which focuses on specialities like patent law and provides patent services to their clients in India & across the globe is called a patent law firm. There are seperate laws and procedures to file a Patent in India. A patent attorney can help you in filing a patent in India as he is aware of the patent laws in India. An Attorney in particular a Patent attorney would be the best person to advice and help you on how to safeguard your patent property because a Patent attorney would be aware of all the Patent property law. Intellectual property like patent, copyright, trademark can be considered as a property and these have certain property law.
There are many IPR law firms India around the world, which have specialization in the filed of IPR services. A law firm which focuses on specialities like IPR law and provides IPR services to their clients is called an IPR law firm. Trademark protection is given to names, designs, logos, and other marketing devices that are distinctive. Sometimes, these distinctive trademarks are referred to as “strong” trademarks also known as “inherently distinctive” marks. Trademarks may also become strong because they become well known to the public through their use over time. Trademarks that merely describe quality of the goods or that are based on someone’s name or a geographic term are generally considered to be weak and thus unpredictable under trademark law.

Nine reasons to use a divorce mediator

Nine Reasons to Use a Divorce Mediator

1 – Come to An Agreement, Rather Than a Decision

Both parts of the couple are in charge of everything in the file agreement. No judge determines who gets what based on the quality of legal counsel or of their arguments, you do.

2 – The Agreement is Easy To Understand

The law is complex, but knowing what you want isn’t. A trained mediator can not only put all of the finances and terms of ownership and custody into terms that are clear and easy to understand, but they can also develop the documentation, in front of both parties, instead of complex legal documents that only the attorneys understand.

3 – Binding Agreement

Whether the agreement is completed through only mediation, or a combination of mediation and arbitration, the agreement is binding requiring no need to go to court, and yet creating a legal document that can be used as a guide for the settlement of property and custody, and in the event that one side reneges, the other party has a legal document with which to enforce their rights.

4 – Reduced Cost

A couple can share the cost of a mediator and although many mediators are also attorneys, they rarely cost as much or take as long. Also, no court costs are involved to process results or create contracts that determine who gets what.

5 – Less Stress

Mediation involves talking about issues, discussing needs and wants and coming to an agreement. Knowing from the start that all parties will be fair and considerate, and that the mediator will be neutral and encourage multiple methods for coming to an agreement, reduces the stress of a court trial and the predatory nature of all or nothing legal bouts.

6 – Arbitration

Sometimes mediation doesn’t solve every little issue. Some details can’t be ironed out, but after working through 80-90% of the contract, a mediator can be called on to make a fair decision on the remaining portion, making a judgment that will stand in lieu of going to court, but allows for fairness and an equitable split.

7 – Confidentiality

Divorce mediation is private, confidential process. There is no fear that anything said in mediation can be used against the parties because those parties are bound by law to keep what is said in mediation private. The parties cannot use any of the information divulged in mediation in court (if the conflict goes that far) and the mediator is bound by confidentiality so as not to be called in court, and may not divulge any of the minutes from a mediation meeting in print or verbally anywhere. This means that participants are free to speak their mind without fear of “tipping their hand” and having their words used against them later.

8 – You Can Still Go To Court, If You Want

Don’t come to a decision, or is one party unwilling to participate? You can still go to court, and having discussed issues, you may also have a better idea of all of your finances, assets and issues that require consideration, issues you may not have even thought of. Also, since mediation is confidential, you aren’t tied to your arguments in mediation, so that you and your attorney can pursue a different strategy altogether, and you cannot be called out for your comments or revelations in the mediator’s office. Anything brought up in court that was brought up in mediation is inadmissible in court.

9 – You Will Find That Future Conflicts Are Resolved More Easily

Little disputes always come up, and you will find that after mediation, it’s much easier to come together to solve the little problems that arise. Knowing qualified mediators and understanding the value of negotiating, rather than going to court, will also give you the experience and knowledge to settle other disputes outside of your marriage.

This article should not be construed as legal advice. Consider all of your options – attorneys, courts, arbitration and mediation or some combination, and speak to a professional before beginning the divorce process.

For more information about Divorce Mediation in Arizona.

Managed services report 2010 – analysis and developments-aarkstore enterprise

Managed Services Report 2010 – Analysis and Developments-Aarkstore Enterprise

Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) continue to look to reduce Capex and Opex costs through the adoption of Managed Services from a range of telecoms equipment vendors. Managed Services vendors are now offering a range of services, including the management of the MNO’s network, RAN & access infrastructure and network sharing.
 The brand new Managed Services 2010 report provides a timely in-depth analysis of the Managed Services affecting the MNO – with unique hard-hitting case studies of mobile operators partnering with third party specialists and deploying Managed Services today.
 Following the adoption of Managed Services, MNO’s must consider how best to change their business model and control costs in the face of declining voice revenues and the huge increase in mobile data capacity requirements. The previous MNO business model of being an integrated service provider (from network to billing) is being reappraised in the need for a more flexible solution – how is this effecting your business today? This report will tell you.
 Both new MNO’s in Emerging Markets as well as new entrant MNO’s in Established Markets are considering just what part of their business should remain part of their core business. This includes local access, tower sharing and the establishment of new services using a 3rd party provider.
 MNO’s are also deciding to move from a closed network to an open network which is positioned to generate interest from third party developers in order to speed product and service innovation. This means that the MNO is getting used to partnering with third party developers and a range of integrators and Managed Services specialists. The development of App Stores by MNO’s and handset manufacturers also provides a way of speeding innovation for the MNO which is fighting to maintain “first screen” visibility.
 Increasingly the Managed Service provider is basing its sales proposition on being able to provide business transformation with a more adaptable network for the MNO rather than a straightforward percentage cost saving. In part business transformation has become more important as MNO’s have become more efficient and cost savings from simple outsourcing have become harder to achieve.
 Our brand new Managed Services 2010 report looks at a number of key trends for Managed Services and seeks to answer a number of questions including:
 • How do we define a Managed Service?
 • What types of Managed Services are currently available?
 • What are the Capex and Opex savings from partial network outsourcing?
 • What are the savings to be had from network sharing?
 • How important is network transformation compared with cost savings from Managed Services?
 • How much is the MNO changing its business model to follow an MVNO business model?
 • What types of network outsourcing are being deployed?
 • How are MNO’s in Emerging Markets deploying Managed Services?
 • How is the telecoms equipment vendor offering Managed Services?
 • What is the most frequent type of Managed Service provided as a content service?
 • What are the implications of the MNO moving to an open network model?
 This new exclusive report at just 100 pages, provides a complete overview of the strategies being adopted by the MNO which include various types of Managed Services including the use of network sharing, outsourcing and partial outsourcing – as well as the use of Managed Services for a range of content services, mobile web portals and end-user applications.
 The Managed Services 2010 report examines how the business landscape for the MNO is changing. The emphasis is now placed on partnering and innovation through the use of third-party specialists and application developers in what is becoming a more complex eco-system, and how it effects you.
 The MNO is now fighting to maintain its brand visibility in a more crowded marketplace with content providers, handset vendors and internet specialists also disturbing the MNO’s traditional relationship with its subscriber base.
 Why you should buy this report:
 • Mobile Network Operators: Learn how MNO’s are adopting Managed Services in 2010. See from case studies the practices and benefits that are being deployed, both in network sharing and content partnering, the new business models being deployed with some of the future implications of adopting an open network.
 • Vendors: Gain insight into the opportunities and threats being faced by the established telecoms equipment vendor as it provides Managed Services for the MNO and seeks to enable open networks for an MNO.
 • Consultants: Understand the challenges facing the MNO in adopting Managed Services and the future trends which are impacting the MNO’s business model.
 This unique in-depth report shows you how the Managed Services market will develop worldwide – both technologically and commercially – from 2010 onwards.
 You can obtain this report today
 Nobody with an interest in the Managed Services market should overlook this new market study. We predict that total revenues will increase and with expanding markets, technological advances and significant un-met needs, this sector offers high commercial potential.
 Do you want to harness those opportunities? You can stay ahead by ordering this report today.
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