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Perfume and cologne categories – the types of perfume

Perfume and Cologne Categories – The Types of Perfume

Perfume and cologne are becoming more and more popular all the time, and bad smells are always being counteracted by new fragrances.

Fragrance is not only being used on people, but it’s also starting to be used in various types of media, used to represent brands and different experiences. Fragrances are found in a number of locations, whether this is in your perfume or cologne, laundry detergent, candles and more. There are many different types of fragrances, and learning a little about them can help you to decide which product to choose. Use the following as a guide to the various different types of perfume.

Fragrance Families for Women’s’ Perfume:

Citrus: These scents are often light and fresh, and combined with a number of other feminine fragrances including fruits, flowers and more.

Citrus Lifestyle Perfume: These are refreshing and great for sporty women. They are good for day wear and to wear at work. Especially great for the summer, in warm or humid climates.

Green Perfume: Green notes mean that the fragrance will have a natural character. They are often mixed with fruity and floral fragrances, and are a great modern and fashionable choice of scent.

Floral Perfume: These have many different floral notes, and can be combines with any other family of fragrance. They are probably the most universally commercial type of fragrance.

Chypre Perfume: These use woody, flowery and mossy tones and can also often include fruits. These kind of perfumes are very rich.

Chypre Lifestyle Perfume: This is elegant and a classic fragrance for women who would like something a little different to usual. They are usually slightly dry, and not very sweet.

Oriental Perfume: These fragrances are usually warm, and make use of ingredients such as woods and musks, usually complemented by exotic scents.

Oriental Lifestyle Perfume: This is a sexy fragrance, full of mystery, drama, and luxury. This is the perfect fragrance for wearing in the evening. Oceanic Perfume: this is very fresh, and slightly soapy making for a clean fragrance.

Oceanic Lifestyle Perfume: This is a great young fragrance, good for those who are sporty and full of energy.

Men’s Cologne Scents:

Aromatic Cologne: This contains a number of elements including rosemary, sage, thyme, sage, anis and clove, as well as many other different herbs and spices to create an aromatic perfume.

Aromatic Lifestyle Cologne: These fragrances are perfect for men who are adventurous and want an exotic fragrance. This is a good choice for those who like to enjoy the finer things in life.

Fougere Cologne: This is a fantasy composition, made out of geranium, oakmnoss and bergamot. Citrus Cologne: This has a light and fresh character, which is often combined with other masculine scents including spices and woods.

Chypre Cologne: This is based on woody notes as well as flowers, and can sometimes include fruits. These are rich fragrances.

By using some of the guides above you can make sure that you choose a fragrance that works for you, understanding the kind of ingredients that are included in each type of perfume or cologne.

Picking out the right football equipment

Picking Out the Right Football Equipment

Football as we all know is a favorite past time of many players out there. They enjoy the thrill of the game and they find it fun to compete with other leagues. Whether you are the player or the coach, there a lot of gears that you may want to buy for you to improve your game and make it look more official. Football equipment is an essential aspect in the life of a football player. With this, it is very vital that you choose the football equipment that would best suit your standing in the game.

In choosing the right gear, there are some steps that you need to follow in order for you to have the perfect fit that would protect you and make you feel comfortable throughout the game. The first thing to consider is the helmet. You have to pick a helmet that is just big enough to fit you comfortably yet a little enough for it to stay put and won’t fall. There are some helmets that have inflatable interior pads made to accommodate different sizes of head. The next step is choosing the right face mask. You’ll know if the face mask is right if it suits your position well. Face masks with several bars are highly recommended for line players to provide maximum protection. The wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks and kickers should only use face mask with fewer bars for maximum visibility.

Choose jaw pads and chin strap that would fit the size of the helmet. You can also purchase a rubber mouth protector to protect your dentals from breaking at the course of a strenuous game. In purchasing a shoulder pad, you can ask your coach or other sporting expert which shoulder pad types are right for your position. When it comes to selecting hip pads, thigh and knee pads and tailbone pads, you must always choose those that fits perfectly, perfect means big enough for comfort yet tight enough for protection. It also recommended that you buy an athletic supporter for your medical protection. Football protective gears comes in different prices, however, it is important to check the quality of the gear. Do not just go for cheap ones that are of poor quality. If in case you do not have enough money, it is best that you buy gears with great discounts.

Bear in mind that in playing football there is always a big room for injuries to occur. Choosing the right and the best football equipment that fits properly with the position you stand for can help prevent or decrease the frequency and severity of the injuries. When you evaluate your self as the best player of the team, most probably you are the one who is always on the field, thus you take long and hard hits. Make sure that before you go out on the field, you are equipped with the right protection that allows you to perform your best.

Recycled plastic furniture

ReCycled Plastic Furniture

We, at C.S. Environmental Inc., are proud to introduce to you an innovative line of elegant site furnishings made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic through Environmental Inc. manufactures and supplies North America’s premier Outdoor Furniture. Featuring a wide range of Park Benches, Public Place Tables, Litter Receptacles, Recycling Containers and many more?€¦ in all shapes, sizes and colors to blend with the surroundings, C.S. Environmental Inc. has a unique and varied range of products catering to all budgets.

C.S. Environmental is one of the largest providers of outdoor furniture and other streetscape products. Our products are designed with esthetics and longevity in mind and do not require the use of chemicals to maintain the look and finish. Public Furniture is a website committed to marketing environment friendly products produced from recycled plastic in urban and space saving designs. These products are designed to last for generations, using the latest UltraPlast?„? recycled plastic and InfiniGuard?„? anti-corrosion technologies; they require little maintenance and are exceptionally resistant to weathering and provides commercial, government and institutional customers, complete solutions of beautiful, solid, ultra long-lasting site-furnishings that are designed for comfort and style while being environmentally friendly. All solutions are ready to ship in 4 weeks or offers the following feature rich products:Benches provides unique looking benches made from recycled plastic, comfortable for seating and resting. This category of site furniture is most suited to be used as park benches, to decorate or fill sidewalks as street furniture (for seating the elderly) or streetscapes, outdoor resting areas and heavy public areas. Usage of€™s recycled plastic benches as park benches, mall benches or public place result in greatly enhanced urban landscaping and wonderful sitecapes. These benches are durable, easy to install and come with an assurance of long lasting quality. These public place benches can be used along with picnic tables in outdoor areas to provide an aesthetic seating or casual eating arrangement. The bench designs available can also be used indoors to compliment your most demanding interior decorating needs.

A part of C.S. Environmental Inc.?€™s street furniture line.


Litter Receptacles from C.S. Environmental Inc. are a functional, long-lasting solution to providing effective waste disposal.These trash can also be used as great looking alternatives for planters (exterior furniture) in parks and businesses because of the aesthetic design, colors, shapes and designs they are offered in. These receptacles can be placed anywhere outdoors, they are easy to clean and install and can be used for site amenities. These litter containers are hygienic and reduce odor with a semi closed container, a very important factor in choosing a waste receptacle or a litter receptacle. They are best suited for sidewalks and heavy traffic areas in helping keep the environment clean. These features make them the perfect choice for tighter spaces and smaller budgets.

Another important product from C.S. Environmental Inc.?€™s street furniture range.

Picnic tables

Great looking product made in various colors, shapes and sizes. These picnic tables can be combined with benches and provide a great outdoor casual eating area or any other small group activities. In the past, picnic tables were traditionally made of wood, but today?€™s tables are made out of anything from recycled plastic to treated or brushed metal. Picnic tables as they are commonly called, are extremely weather proof and long lasting, making them hardy and usable for tougher applications as public place tables or courtyard accessories. offers stylish and comfortable seating/picnic tables made for families, friends, and other out door events. Another great product produced by the street furniture division of C.S. Environmental Inc.

Recycling ContainersA recycling bin is used to hold recyclable material, before the material is transferred to the recycling centers. Recycling bins from C.S. Environmental Inc. come in various sizes for use in homes, offices, and large public facilities. These recycling bins are designed to be easily recognized, and are sometimes marked with slogans that promote recycling on a blue or green background. Others as per request, are intentionally unobtrusive. CS Environmental Inc.?€™s recycling bins can be used for the very popular municipal curbside recycling programs, which frequently distribute the waste receptacles to encourage offers Heavy Duty, High Capacity, Fire Resistant multi sort recycling containers. They can be used to clean up office areas, apartment complexes, large community areas, sporting events, schools and picnic areas or even at home, with many recycling features.They are well suited for the outdoors, especially at parks, beaches and sidewalks.

Bike Racks

C.S. Environmental Inc. Bike racks are used mostly at workplaces, colleges and other places where regular congregations of people take place. provides bike racks in various shapes, sizes and colors to suit your design needs. The bicycle racks are exceptionally weather proof and provide space saving security to your bicycles.

An innovative design product from the house of C.S. Environmental Inc.

By designing visually appealing site furnishings made from recycled plastic, C.S Environmental Inc. and offer you exciting new opportunities to apply environmentally friendly products to your immediate surroundings.

C.S. Environmental Inc.Phone: 1-888-863-2888International: (905) 679-2444Fax: (905) 679-0144 Email: Online :

Plenty for everybody – project team success depends on it

Plenty for Everybody – Project Team Success Depends on it

Project team success depends on a number of variables, but the one that shows up as most important involves the willingness of team members to collaborate. And collaboration requires a belief that there is plenty for everybody. And it’s tough to spot as the reason a highly qualified, highly resourced, experienced, interdisciplinary team just did not click.

A story to illustrate, followed by eight recommendations for project team selection and success.

A client asked me to work with a team that just didn’t meet expectations. A critical project, lots of resources, clearly defined roles, clearly stated objectives, experienced people that could see the problem from many sides, more than enough time and money resources and top management visibility; this team had it all. And yet, output just didn’t meet what was expected – the team members agreed expectations were high, but achievable.

So what was the problem? In many of these kinds of situations there are any number of factors that can lead to poor performance. But lack of collaboration and sharing is always at or near the top. In this case, it was the single over-arching reason for the lack of performance. In this team of six high achievers were two that had been highly successful as individual contributors, but had little experience – or interest – in working in a collaborative setting. Their input was critical to the team, but they were reluctant to provide much, unless they received credit and recognition for their individual contributions. The other four members of the team were used to sharing, had been successful at it, and assumed all team members shared that value. Wrong. These two highly successful individual contributors saw the others as competitors – competitors for credit, recognition, rewards.

They really didn’t believe there was enough for everybody. And because of that belief, there wasn’t. Every member of the team ended up keeping their cards and self interest close to their vests, and little information and sharing occurred. Little leverage.

It only takes one or two negatively competitive types on any team to really screw it up. That had happened with this team.

I’d like to report that the two “not enough for everybody’s” were turned around.. They weren’t. They were released from the team and replaced by two people with the ability to collaborate and share – and the team ended up meeting expectations.

The belief that there is plenty for everybody is the cornerstone to collaboration and sharing. With the belief that there is plenty for everybody, there will be! Without it, there never can be enough. It’s the difference between a glass half full or half empty. It’s the difference between optimism and pessimism. It’s the difference between sharing and hoarding.

So what to look for in project team members to ensure that collaboration and open communication will occur?

1 – It goes without saying that experience, education, industry experience, technical skills, are all critical – I don’t care how collaborative and sharing someone may be – or how much they may believe there is plenty for everybody – if they aren’t perceived as bringing “chops’ to the table, they can’t contribute, and the seeds of discontent may be sowed among the other members.

2 – Look for people who are successful and collaborative not only in their work, but outside their work as well. Collaboration skills can be learned, but instinctive collaboration and sharing provide a huge head start. There is no better way to build collaboration skills than to work on volunteer committees, boards, church groups, non profit organizations.

3 – Remember there is no “I” in “We.” Look for how accomplishments sre described. Does the person refer only to themself, or are they generous in their recognition of the contributions of others.

4 – In describing accomplishments, spend time getting to the need for sharing and collaboration in their accomplishment. Are they aware of the contribution of others. Do they seek out individual contributor roles or roles requiring group skills and abilities?

5 – Get an example of when they were a good follower – what does that mean to them? How did they perceive their own performance in supporting roles to others? Have they demonstrated the willingness and ability to follow someone else, and be supportive?

6 – Look for people who participate in collaborative and team sports or activities – where the group is dependent upon each othet for success. This does not mean golfers and tennis players and skiers don’t make good collaborative teammates, but basketball, football, baseball and softball team membership provide more chances for supportive and sharing behavior.

7 – Look for “givers” – people who contribute without calculation of immediate reward. An example of this quality is the mentor who gives to others without expecting promotion, publicity or a raise in pay.

8 – And once the selections for the team are made, institute a group recognition and reward structure – give the team credit and recognition. Picking out team members for special recognition is OK if something unique happens, but too much of that behavior can breed competition in the team – and that kind of competition reduces sharing and collaboration.

Look at your own beliefs and the beliefs of your organizations. If you see “me” behaviors – and you will, work to establish the belief that there is plenty for everybody.

President obama and men’s watches: his quirky style

President Obama and Men’s Watches: His Quirky Style

President Obama is the man. He’s always on point and entertaining to watch and listen to whether he’s giving a press conference or appearing on a popular talk show like he did last night on the “Late Show” with Dave Letterman.

Although Obama has been on the “Late Show” five times before, this was his first appearance since becoming President, therefore everyone was tuned in to see what he would say and do. Of course he was cool and personable and I’m sure Letterman received some good ratings.

The public doesn’t just like to see and hear what Obama says and does; they also want to talk about and analyze what he wears. When it comes to what the President wears during his normal work day and frequent media appearances, it’s pretty much a standard outfit: dark suit, white shirt, blue tie and American flag pin on his lapel. The one way for him to make a fashion statement and express himself is by wearing a watch. President Obama is known to have a couple different men’s watches: a Rolex, a TAG Heuer and a Jorg Gray.

Each of these men’s watches makes a different statement: a Rolex is a Rolex, one of the most expensive brands of luxury watches ever, and the one which he was seen wearing when he was running for President. Ironically, or not, his then “competition” John McCain also wore a Rolex.

When still a Senator, Obama religiously wore a TAG Heuer Series 1500 Divers watch. This was his daily watch for about ten years and one which he still wears. TAG Heuer produces many sporty men’s watches that are not out of reach for the average American to own.

The Jorg Gray watch that Obama has also shown much loyalty to has received the most attention because before he wore it, no one had heard of it. Given to him as a gift him by one of the Secret Service agents protecting him when he was still a Senator, this is an inexpensive men’s watch that costs about $200 – $250.

Last night on the “Late Show” one could see that he was wearing a large sized watch but which one was it? People are tweeting that it was an Omega watch, or maybe a Rolex? My guess is that it was not a Rolex, as most men’s watches by Rolex seem to have a metal bracelet and the one he wore has a dark leather strap. Unless the President has recently gone out and bought an Omega watch, likelihood is, that it was either his trusty TAG or his often worn Jorg Gray.

With all this talk about what kind of men’s watch the President wears, what no one seems to be talking about is which hand he wears it on? Most people are right-handed so it’s common to see watches worn on left-hands, but as you may have noticed, Obama is left-handed, which would normally mean that he wears his watch on his right hand, but he doesn’t… he wears his watch on his left hand. A total quirk and something else that he will go down for aside from being one of the best Presidents this country as ever seen.

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