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Restaurant service training – teach the host how to greet the customers properly

Restaurant Service Training – Teach The Host How To Greet The Customers Properly

A moment of truth is an opportunity whereby a customer forms either a good impression or a bad impression about the restaurant service quality. Millions upon millions of “moments of truth” occur out there in the restaurant customer service world, but the successful businesses register the highest percentage rate of good impressions. It means everything to their image and reputation.

The host is such an important part of the “dining room service experience” as he or she is the first person the customer sees and the last person the customer says goodbye. First impressions are lasting impressions.Therefore, the host must dress nicely being neat and clean. The host must always be upbeat, friendly, and helpful to customers. the true purpose of guest seating is to make “every table seem like the best table in the restaurant!”

The telephone must be courteously answered stating the restaurant’s name and asking, “May I help you?” Whenever taking a dining reservation, one must politely ask for the name and the number of people in the party, date and time of the reservation, and the contact telephone number. Also, special requests should be noted, such as birthday guests, high chairs, customer food allergies, or the need to be seated at a specific table or location in the restaurant (for example, far from the window on a cold night; close to the window on a beautiful day). This information must then be recorded in a Reservation Journal that eventually will be transferred onto the Daily Reservation Sheet.

During busy hours, the customers waiting for an open table in the lobby or sitting at the bar can be offered menus to pass the time. In some restaurants, hors d’oeuvres are served to customers who have been waiting a long time for an open table. All ways and means must be exhausted to prevent customers from leaving to dine at another establishment-even if it means offering some complimentary items.

If the host is not busy seating customers, they can purvey the dining room for customers in need of service and relay such information to the waitstaff. This is up to the discretion of the host, for they should never stray too far from the Front Door.

So you see, the host who does the greeting at the front door is extremely important as the reputation and the bottom line are affected by the host’s restaurant customer service performance.

Managing customer opinions in your business

Managing Customer Opinions in Your Business

We humans are curious creatures, with a variety of opinions, which make up our personalities, our buying habits, and how we live our lives.   These opinions are a result of years of learning and observing.  We get our opinions from the media, friends, family and many other sources.  In turn we use what we learn from these sources to make decisions about life and more importantly what we buy.

Customer opinions are invaluable to institutions and businesses alike.  They allow those in charge to make the appropriate decisions in product development and management.   Strategic planning and forecasting are all benefits of harvesting the opinions of your consumers and clients.

There has been a lot of negative economic new lately.  The housing slump, mortgage issues, gas prices, and a weak dollar have all added to the financial woes of this country.  A large majority of the economic pundits are forecasting a recession, or at least an economic downturn in the foreseeable future.  It looks dark and gloomy, but what you may not know is that consumer don’t necessarily share in this pessimism.

Consumers and businesses alike are watching the economy with a strained eye.  Knowing that what happens over the coming weeks and months could have a huge impact on the American lifestyle.

All this is what makes a recent USA Today/Ballup poll so interesting.  When measuring the publics opinion on the economic situation, Gallup found that only 4 out of 10 Americans felt that an economic recession is likely within the next 12 months.  This is a relatively small number of less pessimists consumers when compared to the numbers gallup received during a similar poll in the  1990’s.  

American attitudes are actually quite robust when compared to past economic hard times.  After the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, roughly 45% of Americans thought there would be a recession during the next year.  Only a couple months later, it inched up to 53%, and then declined shortly after to 49%, in march of 2001.  Even a stronger showing of economic disbelievers existed in 1990.  When during that economic slowdown, somewhere between 65% and 78% or Americans said that the economy was headed toward a recession.  And as it turned out there was a recession from mid-1990 to early 1991.

When respondents were asked if they thought the economy was currently in a recession, 36% of those respondents said that it was, while 58% said that it was not.  Once again the numbers  paint a far different picture than what you would expect.

A person gets the feeling when watching the news or reading the paper that the current economic forecast does not look favorable.  Fortunately, American opinion shows a more optimistic outlook.  However, you would never know that Americans had a far sunny view than the pundits if no one took the time to ask Americans what their opinions were.  What matters most about this optimism is that it reflects on the future of holiday spending.  Investors are worried, and watch with sweaty palms, the spending habits of consumers.   They should take some comfort in the fact that consumers aren’t as nervous as perhaps they are.

Knowledge really is power, no matter how tired that cliche is, it still rings true.  Those who can see into the minds their consumers, can make the decisions necessary to navigate the complicated world of business.  

One way of obtaining the opinion  of your customers is through online surveys, telephone surveys and email surveys.  These surveys can be a non intrusive way of gathering information that can make your company get through when times are hard, and flourish when they are good.   

Getting into the heads of those people who mean the most to your business can be a lot easier than you think.  You’d be surprised what you could learn and how you could use that knowledge to grow and improve.  Knowing the opinions of your customers is key in todays financial environment.

Obtain the ideal online sample contracts with a hassle free approach just online

Obtain the ideal online sample contracts with a hassle free approach just online

For all sorts of corporate communication sample contracts are essential. The process was to do the contract agreement with partners and the stake holders with the intervention of legal practitioners. Practice and execution of corporate law indeed was not possible without the long drawn legal processes. The different types of sample contracts were not available and largely companies had to rely upon the constants. The conveniences of electronic transactions have been immense and now people can save time and money with e-transactions. There remain a wide array of blank contracts on offer and any company or a professional can order them just by sitting in front of the personal computer and from the convenience of office or home.

It was not at all a hassle free process to get the service level agreements or the software distribution agreements. Hiring a contractor or a subcontractor included processing time of the contract form and in case of independent contract agreement it used to take a few working days though things were of a few minutes. Things are now simple and online sample contracts, blank templates, non disclosure agreement and service level agreement are in much demand. The online delivery process takes about a day or two but in case of any emergency these contract templates are delivered through e-mail much faster.

The different online communication has revolutionized the legal processes and online consulting is the prime way of getting fast assistance of the lawyers. The question might arise that how will be these agreements and how far these will be authentic? These agreements and legal templates are only provided after lawyer’s assistance. The online contract providers employ experienced lawyers to cater legally sound agreements. It is possible to do self analysis before reaching and seeking service of the online contract template providers. But, the rising popularity of the online template sellers indicates their effectiveness in providing the e best contracts.

It is best to reach the online template seller after self research and just by reaching a popular search engine anyone can find a suitable online contract template provider. The payment can be made online with secured payment gateway. It Is advisable to retain the reference number for the order. There also remain customer care numbers and anyone can reach the customer service officers by punching in telephone numbers. There are several ways obtaining these templates but online templates are now considered to be the based in terms of contents. The content is created by experienced legal practitioners and they are made country specific.

Independent of geographical locations, online templates and agreements like contractor services agreements and software support agreements, service level agreements are offered. So, instead of procrastinating and making the simple process of approaching the lengthy with a few clicks of mouse you can get the required contract agreement related templates. In case of any legal stamping it is possible to use the same. The solution is simple, save both time and money and finally get the best end product. Still it is worth mentioning that selection of the suitable contract forms needs self analysis, so read on the online resources when you finally seek the agreements.

Precisely what you must think about when considering cellular phone providers

Precisely What You Must Think About When Considering Cellular Phone Providers

Are you searching for a telephone company or just an alternative firm to exchange your old one? Then examine this before you sign the wrong registration.

You will find a number of conditions you should know about before you could do a knowledgeable decision in terms of selecting the most appropriate cellular phone company. All this boils down to just what your own personal needs are. Presently there exist quite a lot of communication providers out there and so they all provide specialised products and services. The sheer quantity of unique services makes it quite difficult for you to grasp. For that reason consider which aspects you need your telesubscription to incorporate and use that when working through the different promotions.

Price! Probably the most crucial element of a mobile membership to the majority, but it is actually not that easy to value the different offers. Most subscription plans make use of a varying price per minute structure as well as a varying call up fee. In case you tend to have long phone talks you should prioritize a subscription which has a higher call up fee and then a low cost per second structure. Then again, in case you love to SMS your buddies or simply talk for a quite short while you should select a program using a higher price per second cost, but a minimal call up cost / SMS fee. You must also think of the many programs regarding the month to month charges versus the usage charge. Some phone subscriptions possess inexpensive registration costs whereas the actual expense per minute price is high (perfect for individuals who rarely use their telephone) and others are expensive to have but affordable to utilize (good for people who talk a lot).

Overseas charges. Cellular phone firms have a tendency to deliver distinctive plans regarding costs connected with international calling. If you are voyaging a lot you should certainly research the plans for worldwide calls. Additionally, take a note of the individual rates for all those locations you stop by often. There could be a bundle to save when you select a company providing inexpensive charges for a specific land which you have interests in. International SMS prices might also vary quite a lot so look into that too.

Automated refill. The majority of people would prefer an automated money available fill up options. Associating a credit card together with your subscription allows automated fill up of your account at the time you run low on money / available units. Other options are prepaid cell cards which tend to be somewhat more expensive.

Mobile phones with low cost registration. Many organisations deliver more affordable subscriptions in case you obtain a locked cellular telephone together with the registration. This way the businesses have secured your business for a specified amount of time and also for that reason will provide you with a more affordable package. That is normally known as a cellular phone start off package deal.

Free texting. Many companies supply you with the option to sign up to free of charge SMS meaning you pay an arranged sum of money for SMS every month no matter how much you really SMS. This is a perfect solution for you in case you SMS a great deal.

Support services. The cheap cellular phone organizations usually are somewhat care for your self structured. The net has permitted all of us to view our balances at our very own preferred time. That makes us rather independent and the company can reduce fees connected with support services employees. Are you not a techie, you should perhaps consider a large provider with an founded customer support division. Most internet experienced individuals would benefit from the enhanced control they acquire with an net based cellphone firm.

No cost numbers. Ultimately many organisations offer plans where you could call up particular numbers at no cost. For an example to five of your best friends / family and even to all other numbers with subscriptions to the same telephone provider. This could surely be a good deal for you if you talk a lot with the same persons.

Pros and cons for pacific poker

Pros and Cons for Pacific Poker

Pacific Poker has experienced a tremendous growth in popularity recently. A large number of players find this room interesting, in spite of the rather sub-standard software that Pacific Poker has. Although many players may consider the poor software a drawback, Pacific Poker is still appreciated. The soft games are one of the reasons for this appreciation. Those who wish to win money will find Pacific Poker a real gold mine, as it has some of the easiest games, which give players the possibility to win some rather than lose some. This feature also goes for tables with higher stakes, of around $20, for instance. However, the fact that players don’t have the possibility to play on multiple tables and the software is not very attractive may make experienced players turn to other rooms.

A good point for Pacific Poker is that it offers a good variety of games, which include Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, and tournaments. Players who choose Pacific Poker are mostly interested in Texas Hold’em, and those are the tables where most of the traffic is, as these games are great. There are stake limits, but they vary from micro to high, so players can bet the amount they wish.

Other pros for Pacific Poker include that good promotions that players can benefit from, and soft competition. The weak points for Pacific Poker, other than poor software and lack of multi-table support, include lagging at times and slow telephone support. However, players are usually provided with fast e-mail support.

Some of the special features of Pacific Poker include the special bet bonus, hot keys for check, raise and fold, as well as the graphical hand replay function.

Although recent updates have contributed significantly to the software improvement for Pacific Poker, this poker room is still referred to as the room with the worst poker players, which was in fact due to the rather poor software.

Reviews of Pacific Poker state that the players will not be able to feel the thrills of a good poker game, as the game quality suffers, because most players at Pacific Poker are not interested in serious game play.

However, players can earn points and prizes by entering the numerous promotional tournaments offered by Pacific Poker, and a credit of 25% bonus is automatically allowed once the player starts the game at the site, which is unique at Pacific Poker.

As opposed to US citizens, who are still not completely clear whether playing poker online is legal, European citizens can do so with no worries in mind. However, there is one condition, the European gambling license that the poker room has to be operating with. Should the poker room not operate under such an European gambling license, the players may find that their earnings are not free of tax.

European citizens have the advantage of being able to play online poker legally, mostly due to the more relaxed European gambling laws.

Americans can still play online poker without fearing that it could be illegal, as long as it is from outside the United States, and many of them will find Pacific Poker a real gold mine.

For more info about pacific poker and especially about European Gambling please visit this website

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